Do you shmel what Russia's cooking?
- Shmel Trooper
Shmel trooper icon
The Shmel Trooper is a newly introduced Russian support and anti-infantry soldier.


Time for a little barbecue?
- Shmel Trooper

Ever since the first use of neutron weapons in early 2048, the Russo-European War has escalated out of control, with ECA forces throwing themselves into a relentless counter-offensive against the decimated and fatigued forces of the Federation. Both sides took excessive precautions, for the threat of a tactical nuclear strike from one of the warring parties now loomed over every engagement that strayed too far from its initial battle plan. Being prepared for the worst and experienced enough to deal with it, the Russian Army has deployed sizable contingents of its RBC (Radiation, Chemical and Biological) Protection Troops to the frontline.

The Chemical Troops were among the first to reach the sites of the French nuclear bombings to rescue what few survivors there were but they also played a vital role in combat ever since: Their standard weapon is the Shmel incendiary rocket launcher whose thermobaric munitions make short work of infantry in the open as well as in cover. The Troopers can also fire a non-lethal smoke rocket to create an impromptu diversion for their comrades in the field. Their multi-layered protection suits make them more resistant to radiation, toxins, flames and other hazards. Furthermore, Russian commanders should be advised that Shmel rockets will no longer be issued to RPG Conscripts after a series of fatal accidents and excessive expenditures of ordnance on minor targets.


Ability Description
Shmel trooper fire smoke rocket icon
Fire Smoke Rocket
Launch a smoke rocket at the target location from a distance of 180 to 220, which creates a smokescreen that lasts for 3.5 seconds and make nearby enemies blindly fire at the smokescreen if they are not firing at something else. 25 seconds cooldown.
Shmel trooper anti toxin rocket icon
Anti-Toxin Rocket
Launch an anti-toxin rocket at the target location from a distance of 180 to 220, which removes toxin and radiation in a radius of 100 around the target. 25 seconds cooldown.

Requires Advanced Infantry Munitions.

Grizon airdrop icon
Grizon Airdrop
Call in a Mi-26 Halo helicopter to airdrop a Grizon on the Shmel Trooper. 90 seconds cooldown (shared across all units who can use the ability).

Requires Airborne Assault.


The Shmel Troopers are the Russia's anti-personnel infantry, armed with powerful thermobaric rocket launcher. Much like its bigger cousin the Buratino, it can capable of burning blobs of foot soldiers and clearing garrisons with relative ease.

Additionally, not only it fires thermobaric rockets, it has also the ability to launch smoke grenades, capable of nearby enemies blindly fire at the smokescreen. Also, when Advanced Infantry Munitions upgrade is researched, they have the ability to clean up biological waste such as toxins and radiation, similar role to Ambulance.

Similar to Shock Troopers, Shmel Troopers are also resistant to biological hazards such as flame, toxin and nuclear radiation, increasing chance of survival to harsh biological waste.


Shmel Troopers can be used as an anti-infantry role when one's wishing to utilize infantry squad, alongside with RPG Conscript for anti-tank role, since it's very effective against infantries. It can be a replacement for Conscript in terms of utilizing infantry squad, however, as an option.

Be advised that these Shmel troopers, can cause friendly fire incident, if not handled correctly. Ensure that keep your troops away from the blast in safe distance.

If you encountered garrisoned buildings, use these troops for your advantage. Garrisoning these troops nearby structures is also a viable option, to avoid getting caught out, especially on urban maps.

If these troops caught under fire, use smoke grenades to provide distraction, giving a chance to retreat effectively. The smoke grenades can also use for diversion tactics.

In the event of tactical nuclear strike or terrorist anthrax attack, use these troops for cleaning up biological waste lingering around your base or your nearby units.


Shmel Troopers don't farewell against tanks and vehicles. If using tanks or vehicles, prefer the anti-infantry ones to fend off these troops. Also, don't use infantries when wishing to eliminate Shmel Troopers to prevent ended up blazing in fire of one of your soldiers.

Shmel Troopers also lacking anti-air weapons, if not guarded by Igla troopers or other means of anti-air. Then it's time to use your advantage, such as aircrafts or helicopters

Avoid these troopers getting to your garrisoned buildings. To prevent so, garrison some snipers or guard some of your anti-personnel vehicles.


  • Can clear garrisons
  • Can fire smoke rocket to distract enemy fire
  • Can fire anti-toxin rocket to clean bio-hazards (when upgraded)
  • Can auto-heal (when upgraded)
  • Resistant to biological hazards
  • Grants temporary Camaraderie fire-rate buff to allied infantry when unit dies, and receives it when allies fall

  • Cannot attack aircraft
  • Thermobaric rockets do less damage to tanks and structures
  • Not resistant to Neutron radiation
  • Slow rate of fire


The Shmel Trooper is voiced by Graion Dilach.

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