Two thousand degrees of rage!
- Shenlong
Shenlong icon
The ZTZ202 Shenlong (Chinese: 神龙, Shénlóng; lit. "Spirit Dragon") is a late-game superheavy flame tank based on the Overlord chassis, designed and fielded by General Mau.


When diplomacy fails... kill it with fire!
- Shenlong

Personally designed by the aspiring General Mau, the ZTZ202 Shenlong (which literally translates to 'Spirit Dragon') is a heavily modified version of China's iconic ZTZ200 Overlord Tank whose entire turret has been replaced with two heavily armoured, high-pressure flamethrowers. In addition, the tank has been equipped with an auxiliary engine unit which provides its turret swivel with extra power to perform a fast, finely aimed sweeping motion with the flamethrowers which can be set to a narrow, medium and wide angle in order to cover a smaller or larger area in a literal sea of hellfire. Beyond that, it is rumoured that General Mau is currently working on a further modified version of the tank which can be equipped with modular weapon systems.


Ability Description
Shenlong ground attack
Ground Attack
Order the unit to continuously attack the target area.
Shenlong small sweep mode icon
Small Sweep Mode
Sweeps the flamethrower in a 5° angle to cover a small radius.
Shenlong area sweep mode icon
Area Sweep Mode
Sweeps the flamethrower in a 45° angle to cover a medium radius.
Shenlong large sweep mode icon
Large Sweep Mode
Sweeps the flamethrower in a 90° angle to cover a large radius.
Propaganda spotlight icon
Propaganda Spotlight
Highlights the vehicle to inspire others, causing it to generate Horde Bonus at all times for 30 seconds (45 seconds with Nationalism). The vehicle also automatically repairs itself at a rate of 24 hit points per second while Propaganda Spotlight is active. 60 seconds cooldown.
With Nationalism the vehicle will also be completely repaired upon Propaganda Spotlight's activation.

Requires War Propaganda.


The Shenlong Tank can only be upgraded with one add-on at a time.

Add-on Description
Emp addon icon
EMP Missile Launcher
Installs an EMP missile launcher on the Shenlong Tank.

Costs $500 and takes 15 seconds to complete.

Napalm addon icon
Installs a secondary flamethrower on the Shenlong Tank.

Costs $600 and takes 15 seconds to complete.

Nuclear addon icon
Tactical Nuke Mortar
Installs a tactical nuclear mortar on the Shenlong Tank.

Costs $1100 and takes 18 seconds to complete.
Requires Tactical Nuclear Weapons.


Essentially an Overlord tank but with its main cannons, and modular weapon systems, replaced with two hulking flamethrowers.

Shenlongs are ideal for attacking structures and even bigger hordes (even more ironically) of infantry where the standard Dragon Tank would be too frail to withstand. This means that these monstrosities can endure a lot more punishment for their size as they trundle towards their next objective.

Like their smaller cousins, also sweep the area before them but where the general can set the angle for the shenlong to cover; thus allowing it to cover more ground at the cost of the hit rate.

They also do a great job at clearing garrisons as well while reinforced Bunkers would be the only one to resist their flames and once they're fully upgraded, they will become a hot topic for any siege-willing general.


Shenlongs are ideal for pushing through tough defenses which would put down Dragon Tanks and getting to exposed structures, which won't stand the heat for long. They can also plow though minefields without a scratch as they are immune to mines.

Even lightly armored tanks and vehicles would melt, as soon as a Shenlong gets into range; get more than one though and watch your enemies suffer from a case of heartburn as their armies quickly turn into ash, for being so reckless.

For a tank of a massive scale, it can crush smaller vehicles quite easily.

It is important to use the Shenlong carefully as it's spread attack can cause massive friendly fire damage to your Chinese Hordes. It's best to use Shenlongs with Overlords as the Overlord's heavy armour prevents it from taking much damage. Shenlongs should also be supported with Twin-Fangs as they are very vulnerable to aerial threats.

Shenlongs should be used in the front backed up your Chinese Hordes for maximum effectiveness.


Slow, cumbersome and posing a huge unmissable target, expect your Shenlongs to be priority targets for enemy tanks and even aircraft and since they lack modular weapons, they won't have the same luxury as their Overlord brothers so bring a good company of tanks or more favorably tank-killing helicopters to deal with these furious monsters.


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