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Bao Jin (Chinese: 金宝, Jīn Bǎo) is the Chinese Secret Police General.


Having lost his parents in the infamous student revolts of the late 1980s, Jin grew up in a state orphanage where he was raised to be an upright and loyal citizen in service of the Party. As a result, the rapid changes that China underwent after the turn of the millennium proved difficult for him to cope with.

When a new generation of political leaders launched the famed "Modern Way" programme which introduced new civil liberties and further increased the nation's already booming export economy in the late 2010s, Jin was once again expected to quietly adjust his view of the world accordingly, for 2+2 no longer equaled 5 but rather 3, in a figurative sense. The young officer cadet subsequently gave up on questioning politics, his mind finally becoming one with the Party doctrine which was always in the right; past, present and future.

A living proof of the success of China's endeavours in the field of social engineering, he soon found his way into the Ministry of State Security's Secret Police, where the same methods of control were applied on a massive scale to maximise the loyalty, efficiency and happiness of 1.4 billion people.

When GLA seperatists openly threatened China's safety, Jin was among the most zealous upholders of law and order, rooting out enemies of the state with maximum prejudice. Wherever he and his unit of crack electronics experts, cunning propagandists and goose-stepping enforcers appeared, dissent was wiped out of existence and only the will of the Party, the collective faith of an invincible people remained.

Now, with the GLA successfully purged from the Chinese sphere of influence, Jin has been reassigned to the outermost border-province of Heilongjiang in order to keep a close, watchful eye on the Russian Federation and to ensure the safety of ethnic Chinese that make up an ever-growing portion of the population in Eastern Russia.



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