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The Scud Storm is the GLA's superweapon which prepares and launches a volley of nine Scud tactical ballistic missiles upon the GLA's enemies.


Widely exported by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, the infamous Scud missile found its way into many arsenals in Central Asia and the Middle East. During the Global War on Terror and its aftermath, the GLA swept up many of these missiles from the stockpiles of countless failed states. Although quite outdated and often badly maintained, the Scud missiles were perfect for annihilating the enemies of the GLA, which absorbed everything from the common R-300 Elbrus model over the Iranian Shahab variant to the North Korean Hwasong family. However, the GLA went even further and created small but reliable compounds that were able to store, arm and launch Scud missiles with deadly toxin warheads whenever needed.

After the GLA Insurrection in Europe in 2028, most of these facilities, dubbed the Scud Storms, were destroyed by the Chinese. The GLA however still had plenty of missiles left in storage around pro-GLA countries such as Libya and Algeria. When Anwar Sulaymaan took power in the GLA, he fitted these missiles on more makeshift launch facilities, held together by scrap and other means of construction materials. Although old and anachronistic in this modern age, the Scud Storm is still a credible threat to any force in the field.


Ability Description
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Launch Scud Storm
Launch a volley of nine Scud missiles at the target location. Each Scud missile causes 500 to 150 EXPLOSION damage over a radius of 50 to 200, and leaves a lingering cloud of toxin in a radius of 140 for 45 seconds that causes 30 (50 with Anthrax Beta) POISON damage per second. 420 seconds cooldown.

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