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The Scud Launcher is a large artillery unit used by the Global Liberation Army in the previous war. Since then, it has been largely phased out in favor of the smaller Rocket Buggy and BM-21 Grad. However, it is rumored General Ibrahiim still has a number of these artillery units to deliver Scud missiles loaded with deadly toxins.


Short range ballistic missile launchers were quite a popular weapon to use by warlords and dictators in the Middle East during the 20th and 21st centuries. Iraq, Libya and North Korea all use SRBM launchers, and when the Global Liberation Army came along, they made good use of it. Either gaining them through their extensive black market networks or scavenged from old military depots, the infamous R-300 Elbrus 'Scud Launcher' was used heavily by the GLA during the Global War on Terror. Countless of Chinese and American soldiers lost their lives by destructive Scud attacks. The GLA even got their hands on different types of warheads, the Scud Launcher being able to launch either chemical or high-explosive ordnances from great distances.

When the Chinese purged the GLA from the Middle East and later Europe, they lost many of their Scud Launchers during the cataclysmic 'Autobahn War', that turned the famous German highways into literal roads of death. The wreckages and those still operational were confiscated by the Chinese and disposed of. But Anwar Sulaymaan, together with his chemist Tahar Ibrahiim, still had access to extensive black market contacts and recollected their former weapons of war, though in smaller numbers than before. As a result, today Ibrahiim stands as the only GLA commander with direct authorization to use the Scud Launchers at his full disposal.


  • As of 1.86, the Scud Launcher is placeable in the map editor and can be used in custom maps. It behaves exactly like in vanilla Generals, but its buttons for mode switching have wrong images.