Built it myself.
- Scrambler Track
Scrambler track icon
The Scrambler Track is a GLA support vehicle introduced in 1.86.


With the betrayal and subsequent execution of Prince Kassad, the GLA lost its go-to expert in the field of stealth techniques. Thankfully for GLA commanders, what little knowledge and technology was recovered from the remains of Cobra Cell was studied and successfully recreated, and one of the results is the new Scrambler Track. With the sophisticated GPS Scramblers in place, the Track creates a field of radar interferences around itself, turning all friendly vehicles within the radius invisible.


Ability Description
Jamming pulse icon
Jamming Pulse
Emits a powerful jamming pulse to a radius of 150 that briefly disables enemy vehicles and makes them cannot be controlled for 10 seconds. 30 seconds cooldown.


The Scrambler Track is a recent addition to the GLA army. It is a mobile GPS scrambler that functions much like the old Observation Vans with the GPS Scrambler upgrade. However, the Scrambler Track can also activate a jamming pulse which will not only stun enemy vehicles for a short time, but also render them uncontrollable for a little longer.


The Scrambler Track uses the Lasher Tank's beta voiceset in Yuri's Revenge.



  • The Scrambler Track replaces the old GPS Scrambler add-on for the Observation Van.
  • The Scrambler Track resembles the M113 APC but with signs of retrofitting.