Scorpion Tank
GLA ScorpVar1
"We are the just ones."

Global Liberation Army


Light tank


-70mm Cannon
-105mm Cannon (1st salvage)
-35x480mm Scorpion Rocket (Scorpion Rocket upgrade)
-Dual rockets (2nd salvage (requires Scorpion Rocket upgrade))
-Dual rocket pods (GLA tier 1 Recycler)




- Yes (USA tier 1 Recycler)



Produced by

Arms Dealer

Hot key


Scorpion Upgrades

- Scorpion Rockets
- Junk Repair
- Toxin Shells
- Anthrax Beta
- Armor Piercing Rockets


-Self Repair (Requires Junk Repair upgrade)

Scorpion, ready to sting!
- Scorpion leaving the Arms Dealer.

The Scorpion Tank is the main battle tank of the Global Liberation Army. It is the fastest vehicle of its class, but has lighter armor and a weaker gun. 

Lore   Edit

When Anwar Sulaymaan came into power in the GLA he experimented with some different doctrine and design changes to the main army of the organization. He salvaged some old, obsolete Centurion tanks from the Cold War and attempted to modify them to fit GLA standards. Alas, for he was unsuccessful with fitting in the Centurion to GLA's arsenal, and instead opted for more makeshift designs in their iconic 'Scorpion' line of armored vehicles, ranging from simple armored cars to actual tanks with makeshift modifications. The most common one remains an old tracked farm tractor with souped-up armor and a small-caliber gun, that allows the Scorpion tanks to move and fire at a rapid pace. U.S. tank commanders mockingly nicknamed them 'armored rats' during the bushfire wars in the South African savannahs. Scorpion tanks remain even today a common sight in any area with GLA presence but, in their stock form, they are unsuitable for direct tank-to-tank combat. This was amply demonstrated in Iraq when, during a well publicized engagement, a division of American Crusader Tanks took on an equally-sized division of Scorpions, and destroyed all the GLA tanks without suffering any losses.

Unit DescriptionEdit

My horse was faster!
- Scorpion Tank.

A lightly armored but fast and light tank, the Scorpion is the GLA's counterpart to the main battle tanks of other factions. On par with the Battlemaster in terms of cost, the basic, upgraded Scorpion cannot hope to defeat any of the other factions' main battle tanks in a one on one fight.

On the other hand, the Scorpion benefits from being one of the fastest tanks, which allows them to retreat when the odds are not in the GLA's favour.

Like many other GLA vehicles, Scorpions can salvage the wrecks of enemy vehicles to improve their firepower, which can give them a fighting chance in battles. As well as this, the Scorpion can receive a number of upgrades to level the playing field, such as the Scorpion Rockets upgrade, which gives the Scorpion a powerful, if slow to reload weapon that provides a much needed boost to the Scorpion's otherwise merge firepower.

Besides the Scorpion Rockets upgrade, there are also a number of other upgrades that can further enhance the Scorpion's fighting capability. The Armor Piercing Rockets increases the damage of the Scorpion Rockets by 25%, while the Toxin Shells upgrade allows Scorpions to take on infantry and Anthrax Beta further improves on this.

Lastly, once the Junk Repair upgrade has been purchased Scorpions will slowly repair themselves, which can help improve their survivability. Though still not quite on par with modern, heavily armored main battle tanks like the Kodiak, once upgraded the Scorpion is nevertheless a much greater threat than it would be otherwise.

With the new Recycler mechanic, the Scorpion gets an additional layer of strategy. With GLA tier 1 tech, the Scorpion gets a pair of rocket launchers further boosting its firepower. With USA tier 1 tech, it gets a hover drive allowing it to move much faster over ground and water, although slightly decreasing its armor. With Russian tier 1 tech it can be upgraded with Explosive Reactive Armor (ERA), protecting it further against explosives.

Tactics Edit

Scorpions aren't really well suited to be facing modern armor and their guns can only allow them to destroy lightly armored vehicles.

However, their upgrades, including Anthrax Shells and Scorpion Rockets should put them on a higher level against them. Given to their speed, commanders can use them to lure enemy tanks into waiting ambushes, Demo Traps or even Angry Mobs.

Scorpions can easily mass and overwhelm the enemy. With salvage upgrades and Recycler add-ons, the Scorpion can actually become a force to be reckoned with even alone. Its rate-of-fire is also the highest of any main battle tank, so the Scorpion can kill other tanks before they've got the chance to reload.

With Anthrax Shells the Scorpion becomes an anti-infantry vehicle as well.

Counters Edit

Scorpions are messily armored, and armed to take on modern tanks so your own shouldn't have trouble destroying them. Anti-armor infantry can be very dangerous vs these tanks like Missile Defenders and Tank Hunters.

A more safer option is aircraft as the Scorpions lack any form of AA defense and those lacking Quad Cannon protection is going to get it. And as with many other tanks the Scorpion has average range, even sub-par compared to other tanks, and is thus susceptible to artillery fire.

Pros/Cons Edit

Pros Edit

  • Cheap and fast.
  • Salvage upgrades.
  • Recycler upgrades.
  • Strength in numbers.

Cons Edit

  • Weak armor and firepower.
  • No air defense.
  • No artillery defense.
  • No stealth detection.
  • Inferior to other MTBs.


  • The Scorpion tank is referred to as "Cheetah" in the game files. This was because originally, the Scorpion tank was supposed to be unique to a certain general, with everyone else getting the Cheetah, but when SWR changed the basic GLA tank back to the Scorpion for every general the Cheetah and its model were scrapped entirely.
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