Sand Serpent












Sand Serpent is a 2-player map for Rise of the Reds, originally introduced in Zero Hour.


The map is set in a coastal area somewhere in the Middle East. The players start on the north west and south east islands, with the south west island being neutral grounds and containing an useful Reinforcement Pad. This map is known for being particularly chokepoint-heavy and thus shunned by some players as a result. Indeed, the map consists of 3 penisulas which are connected only due to narrow openings in a small central landmass, as well as some bridges connecting each island to the other two. All of these areas are very easy to defend, making direct assaults very difficult and forcing the player to rely heavily on artillery and air support.

Points of InterestEdit

  • Towns in the middle as well as the south west island that can be garrisoned for area denial
  • Reinforcement Pad in the south west
  • Five Oil Derricks in total, four on the main islands and a fifth in the central town


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