Available for unlock by GLA 3-star generals, Sabotage Enemy allows the general to sabotage their opposition's vehicles by completely disabling them, leaving the vehicles a sitting duck to GLA forces. It also causes some damage to the affected vehicles when used and makes them drop a salvage crate that can be used to upgrade most GLA vehicles, even if they are not destroyed by the initial activation.

Level Description
Crippling sabotage icon
Level 1
(Crippling Sabotage)
Causes 50 damage to vehicles and disables them for 10 seconds
Chaotic sabotage icon
Level 2
(Chaotic Sabotage)
Causes 100 damage to vehicles and disables them for 15 seconds
Anarchic sabotage icon
Level 3
(Anarchic Sabotage)
Causes 150 damage to vehicles and disables them for 20 seconds

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 public beta version 1.5 this General's Power increases the production costs of enemy production structures (including construction units) with smaller radius and shorter vehicle disable duration.