Available for unlock by GLA 3-star generals, Sabotage Enemy allows the general to sabotage their opposition's economy by increasing the production costs of buildings (e.g. Barracks and War Factory) in the target area. It also disables enemy vehicles in the target area for a limited time.

Note that construction units are also affected by Sabotage Enemy, increasing their building construction costs.

Level Description
Crippling sabotage icon
Level 1
(Crippling Sabotage)
+15% production costs for 1 minute, disables vehicles for 4 seconds
Chaotic sabotage icon
Level 2
(Chaotic Sabotage)
+30% production costs for 2 minutes, disables vehicles for 8 seconds
Anarchic sabotage icon
Level 3
(Anarchic Sabotage)
+45% production costs for 3 minutes, disables vehicles for 16 seconds

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