How about a swim?
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The United States Navy SEAL is General Thorn's elite, amphibious infantry. Capable of taking down large groups of enemy personnel very quickly, they can also destroy enemy structures almost instantly using their C4 charges.


Handpicked from the most elite commandos the US Navy has to offer, the SEALs (SEa-Air-Land) are called upon whenever there is some covert wet-work to take care off. They are armed with compact submachine guns that fire devastating .45 caliber hollow-point rounds that allow them to chew through infantry without ever breaking a sweat, but lack the necessary power to penetrate even the most basic vehicle armor. In addition, these men carry pre-rigged C4 charges that can be placed and detonated to bring down even the sturdiest of structures within seconds. Every SEAL is also a certified combat diver and thus trained and equipped to navigate even the most dangerous stretches of water in order to exploit the enemy's lack of a coastal defense.


Ability Description
Place c4 charge icon
Place C4 Charge
The SEAL plants a C4 explosive charge on an enemy structure that explodes shortly afterwards, instantly destroying the target. Structures destroyed with the C4 charge does not leave a GLA Hole or a Debris Bunker. 60 seconds cooldown.
Call drone airlifter icon
Call in a Drone Airlifter
Call in a Drone Airlifter on the SEAL.

Requires Supply Center and Air Mobility.


The Navy SEAL's role in-game is that of anti-infantry and anti-structure, performing such roles very efficiently. His 'Plant C4' ability allows for the destruction of buildings in the immediate proximity with ease; while almost no other basic, non-hero infantry can face the SEAL and survive unassisted.


With it's ability to move through Land, Water and Air (via Aerial Transport) terrain, they make one of the most mobile infantry in-game and a force not to be reckoned with. No infantry come alive from his sight. With C4 Charges, they can eliminate high priority targets in mere seconds. Their insanely fast rate of fire will chew up any infantry in game, only threat that could possibly match them are infamous Shock Divisions, Shock Troopers.


Specialized to eliminate hostile personnel and high priority target structures, they are under equipped in handling any opposing factions vehicles. They are unable to attack vehicles and aircraft. May it be a ground or aerial vehicle as long as it can shoot ground targets, it will be more than enough to take out the SEAL's. As with most infantry units, over exposure to flame, radiation, toxin and the likes, will eliminate them in mere seconds, that is until their commander issues them chemical suits.


The SEAL uses the voiceset of the Navy SEAL in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge.