Logo-russia A breakdown of upgrades available to the base Russian faction as of RotR v1.85:

Tier 0Edit

Upgrade Cost Purchased At Game-play Impact
Capture Building
1000 Barracks - Enables Conscripts to capture buildings.

Tier 1Edit

Upgrade Cost Purchased At Game-play Impact
Infantry Medkits
1000 Weapons Bunker - All infantry will auto heal.
Infrared Goggles
500 Weapons Bunker - Conscripts can detect stealthed units.
Thermobaric Ordnance
1500 Weapons Bunker - Arms Hellions with rocket pods

- Arms Hunchbacks with bombs

Advanced Infantry Munitions
1000 Weapons Bunker - Conscripts fire longer rifle burst
-Igla Infantry gain lock on mode

- RPG Conscripts fire a secondary distraction warhead
- Shmel Troopers gain a 50% damage increase

Assault Armaments
1500 Weapons Bunker - Kodiak Tanks can fire anti tank missiles

- Mishka gains 4 fireported transport slots
- Tunguska gains 15% damage increase and gains 2 additional missiles

- Grizzly gains anti tank missile launcher and 15% anti infantry damage increase
- BMP gains 2 rocket launcher

Tier 2Edit

Upgrade Cost Purchased At Game-play Impact
Explosive Reactive Armor
1500 Industrial Plant Tanks receives:

- 30% Decreased damage from missiles and explosive blasts
- 10% Decreased damage from tank shells

Compression Missile Engines
2000 Industrial Plant - 25% Increased range for rockets and missiles
Advanced Artillery System
1500 Industrial Plant - Adds another gun to MSTA

- 5% Increased weapon range of MSTA

Goliath System
2000 Industrial Plant - Helicopters can now use the ability to avoid enemy fire

- 25% Increased armor for all helicopters

Coal Plant Expansions
1000 Industrial Plant - 50% Increase output from ALL Power Plants

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