Unit Cost Produced at Requires Description
Berkut icon
$1200 Russian Airfield None Multirole jet fighter.
  • Armed with a machine gun and two air-to-air missiles.
    • Attacks ground and air targets with the machine gun.
    • Attacks air targets with the missiles.
  • Can perform evasive maneuvers to dodge missiles.
Hellion icon
$1700 Helipad None Attack helicopter.
  • Armed with autocannons and anti-tank missiles.
    • Can fire while moving.
  • Can fire thermobaric rocket barrages (upgrade).
  • Can use Goliath defense system to avoid enemy fire (upgrade).
Hunchback icon
$1400 Helipad None Assault transport helicopter.
  • Armed with a twin autocannon.
  • Can transport up to 8 infantry.
  • Can drop thermobaric bombs (upgrade).
  • Can use Goliath defense system to avoid enemy fire (upgrade).
$2000 Russian Airfield Industrial Plant Stealth attack jet.
  • Armed with four anti-tank missiles.
    • Missiles are fired two at a time.
  • Stealthed when not attacking.
Hind icon
$2800 Helipad Industrial Plant Heavy attack/transport helicopter.
  • Armed with a gatling gun, rockets and air-to-air missiles.
    • Attacks ground targets with the gatling gun and rockets.
    • Attacks air targets with air-to-air missiles.
  • Can transport up to 6 infantry.
  • Can use Goliath defense system to avoid enemy fire (upgrade).

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