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Willem van der Meer is the ECA Royal Guard General.


After the GLA incursion in Central Europe, then Captain Willem was deployed to Germany where he and his combat engineers assisted in the disposal of countless explosives and the reconstruction of vital infrastructure, the loss of which had utterly crippled the already troubled EU economy.

Thanks to his expertise in fortifications and pioneer works, he was once again called upon a few years later, when the newly founded ECA introduced strict regulations on emigration and turned its outermost borders into an impenetrable wall. Never again should the people of Europe face the threat of an invasion on their home soil without ample preparation.

A soft-spoken and level-headed man with a practical "can do" attitude, the quiet General soon became the epitome of sheer terror for the Russian forces operating in the Be-Ne-Lux countries. Initially, the attack on the Netherlands was meant to be a maskirovka, a diversionary attack to draw ECA forces away from the Paris perimenter, then launch a full-scale assault through the French/German border region, but when Russian armies entered the Low Countries, they quickly found themselves in a quagmire of unexpected proportions: Using the time-tested Dutch defence tactic of flooding the countryside, the small but resourceful Royal Netherlands Army managed to stall the Russian advance in the Northern sector for months, allowing their European allies to recover and regroup in anticipation of the main assault.

Meanwhile, the Federation's proud 20th Army got bogged down in swathes of mud and decimated by hidden missile launchers while minefields and automated turrets struck fear into the hearts of their foot soldiers. To add insult to injury, most of the Dutch army managed to escape the fierce battle intact through an extensive network of tunnels, allowing Willem's Royal Guard to live and fight another day.


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