Let's kick up some dirt!
- Rocket Buggy
Rocket buggy icon
The Rocket Buggy is the GLA's iconic artillery specializing in hit and run tactics. These fast but lightly armored vehicles out-range most base defenses and are infamous for suddenly attacking enemy placements with surprising precision, quickly showering them with rockets or mortar shells before disappearing in a moment.


Not much is known about the history of this deadly vehicle, except that most likely, this project is one of the so many civilian-to-military refits that GLA has done in the past, which explained why it has lived through generations and generation's worth of warfare. Its previous load of rockets has been retrofitted with a medium mortar to engage targets with far more damage, but less accuracy and frequency.


Ability Description
Rocket buggy ground attack icon
Ground Attack
Order the unit to continuously attack the target area.
Rocket buggy rocket launcher icon
Rocket Launcher
Switch to the rocket launcher whose projectiles can track their targets but can be jammed or intercepted.
Rocket buggy mortar icon
Switch to the mortar whose projectiles cannot be jammed or intercepted but cannot track their targets.
Gla taunt icon
Sounds the klaxon to annoy enemies. (^_^)


The Rocket Buggy may not look like much, and they won't look like anything at all from a Sentinel pilot's seat, but these blazingly fast buggies are the embodiment of the term "hit and run". Armed with either a barrage rocket launcher or a mortar, they specialize at taking out vehicle groups and base defenses. The rockets are homing and when used in groups they have no problems at all at destroying even Kodiak tanks. Because of the vehicle's speed, by the time the enemy realizes what is hitting his vehicle convoys and base defenses and attempts to stage a counterattack, the Buggy will already be long gone. Despite the vehicle's small size it is actually able to run over infantry, and their destructive capabilities are increased even further with the AP Rockets and Rocket Buggy Ammo upgrades. Both upgrades only affect the Rocket attack of the Buggy however.

On the downside, calling the Rocket Buggy's armor useless would be an understatement: if a Buggy fails to escape in time, two-three shots from most of the MBT's will instantly destroy it, and although they are very fast, they take a bit longer to reach top speed compared to the Technical or Combat Cycle, and they aren't able to outrun Comanches and most other aircraft, which will easily take Rocket Buggies out as their rockets aren't able to target air units. When the situation becomes desperate, the Rocket Buggy can always use its klaxon to taunt the enemy right before exploding in a blaze of glory...


Rocket Buggies are excellent at taking down base defences due to its weapon range and are very good at taking down enemy artillery and buildings If utilized in groups, the small but mighty rocket buggy could even can take down enemy armor and light vehicles.


Although these units may seem to be very devastating to any general, these units lack any anti-air defense and most importantly -- have very weak armor. They might be very agile, but Aircraft has proven to be very powerful against Rocket Buggies. Even if they are escaping or running, tanks can deal good damage vs Rocket Buggies.


The Rocket Buggy reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.