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This is a community-based Wiki intended to contain a complete guide to the Rise of the Reds modification for Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour. Included is/ will be information on the new and updated factions, their units' details and descriptions, as well as a full storyline that collects information found in progress updates.

While not "official" support is provided in places by SWR Productions, the development team creating the modification.

Rise of the Reds

Rise of the Reds (shortened as ROTR / RotR) is a modification for Command & Conquer: Generals - Zero Hour, created by SWR Productions. It expands upon the game by continuing the story arc, picking up several years after the conclusion of the Zero Hour campaign, as well as adding two new factions; the Russian Federation and the European Continental Alliance. Rise of the Reds will also incorporate interpretations of the nine alpha generals that were planned for the original Generals game, plus six new generals for both new factions. SWR Productions looks to implement a unique general assignment system, as seen in the alpha builds of Command and Conquer: Generals, where players select a faction in the game's lobby and specific general after a match has started. The mod is a result of a merger between the Rise of the Reds and Rise of Europe modifications, both of which originated at Fallout Studios.

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