Research facility

The Research Facility holds the key to the advanced weapons and technology of the ECA. This includes access to the ECA's Emergency Protocols should the proper General's Promotion be unlocked.

Research Facility
EU ResearchFacility



T2 Research Facility





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ECA Excavator


Solar Reactor


Manticore Protocol
Pandora Protocol
Venom Protocol


Gas Ignition Rounds
Cluster Munitions
Battle Network

Research Facility

Structure Armor


The European Research Facility is a complex structure that houses the staff and equipment of various top secret military projects that have only recently been cleared for field testing. The threat of the Russian invasion has forced the ECA to tighten their schedules and send these rare prototypes into combat. Only little is currently known about their exact nature besides sketchy rumours, ranging from a super-heavy 'Manticore' tank over an armoured exo-skeleton dubbed the 'Venom' to what appears to a militarised version of an ESA orbital payload delivery mechanism codenamed 'Pandora'. Due to the complexity of the projects and the scarcity of the necessary materials, ECA commanders can only choose to develop and deploy one of these prototypes. In addition to a very powerful experimental weapon, each project also grants additional benefits. At the same time, the Research Facility provides the ECA with a number of additional technologies that are somewhat more mundane than the secret prototypes, but nevertheless vital for the advanced stages of a battle.

Function Edit

The Research Facility unlocks all of the ECA's Tier 2 units and structures and provides advanced upgrades. It also researches the ECA's famous Emergency Protocols and produces the unit associated with each protocol. It is vital to keep the fragile structure alive, for without it you cannot produce the unique super-units.


  • The Research Facility was originally known as the R&D Compound, and had a different model.
  • Do note that the model changes according to each protocol and you are locked into a specific protocol once you've purchased it.
  • Originally, the Research Facility was supposed to have a fourth protocol dubbed the Odin Protocol.


Faction ArsenalEdit

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