ECA CommReg
Region Command
EU Regioncmd1
The center of any major ECA base.

European Continental Alliance


Main headquarters


Structure Armor Tough



Build time


Attack range







Build Excavators

Can be garrisoned by 6 infantry men

Can provide a single radar helicopter or attack helicopter

Region Command

Structure Armor


- Recon Helicopter
- Attack Helicopter


- Can garrison up to 6 infantry

The Regional Command building is the heart of any European base. The large structure produces and sends their famous Swedish dozers to work as well as sends out a helicopter to provide a radar.


This towering fortress of authority acts as the ECA's command centre. It can withstand a considerable amount of punishment thanks to its heavily reinforced concrete walls and is usually the oldest structure in a European-controlled front sector as evidenced by the presence of motivational posters and graffiti which, despite being against official regulations, have not been ordered removed by the rugged senior commanders housed inside this facility. In addition to being the nerve center of ECA battlefield control, the Region Command is equipped with a powerful diesel generator that provides sufficient amounts of power for the early phase of a battle and the sturdy bunker structures can be garrisoned by infantrymen who are willing to fight until the very end. Due to its strategic importance, there can only be one Region Command in a sector at a time.

In appearance, it uses a grey camo and color designation with patriotic graffiti messages sprayed around it such as "FREEDOM MUST BE PAID ENLIST." The building is surrounded by tank traps and sand bag barricades, and the front stairs have been fenced off. On the back is an elevator leading up to the 4th floor and roof with a helipad and a flare. The diesel generators that provide initial power along with barrels are also found on the back. Crates of supplies and ammunition can be found scattered around the building.

Game Structure

As with all other factions, this structure is used as a command building, providing support powers, construction unit and radar. Unique to the Regional Command is their defensive capability, as the building is garrisonable and troops can fire out of the bunkers after being forced to hold the line against the overwhelming Russian force. Two units can be produced from the Regional Command, a dozer that can build both structures and defensive buildings and a helicopter for radar.


According to SoraZ, you can capture a helicopter from your Regional Command Center if you sell it.

"...sell your Region Command when the helicopter is out, it becomes unmanned. With enough infantry, you can try to catch it."

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