Let's get creative!
- The Recycler upon exiting the Hideout
Recycler icon
The Recycler is a versatile unit used by the GLA to capture and reverse-engineer enemy technology into usable weaponry for the truck and as exclusive upgrades for its units.


The Recycler Truck is a rugged, heavy duty engineering vehicle that is typically used by GLA salvage parties, informally known as 'scrap vultures' in the African territories, who scour the battlefield at night after the fighting has moved on in search for anything valuable that might be extracted from vehicle wreckage such as armour plates, weapons, munitions or machine parts. The GLA is known to inspect these components with great curiosity and reconfigure them for their own use against their previous owners.


Ability Description
Recycler recover salvage icon
Recover Salvage
Recovers technology from specially marked salvage crates left by destroyed enemy Tier 1 and Tier 2 vehicles (see Salvaged Technology) in a radius of 60 that can then be picked after 10 seconds to unlock unique add-ons for certain GLA units and unique upgrades for the Recycler depending on the faction and tier. The recovered salvage crates lasts for 120 seconds and can be seen and destroyed by enemies. 6 second cooldown.
Recycler deploy area repair icon
Deploy Area Repair
Repair friendly vehicles in a radius of 115 at the rate of 30 hit points per second for 15 seconds. 30 seconds cooldown.


Well what do you know, It really does say "Made in China"!
- Recycler Flamethrower

The Recycler, upon first inspection, is an unremarkable heavy-duty tipper truck with a crane attached to the box bed, available at the Hideout after the construction of a Black Market.

In its basic form, it has only two abilities: Deploy Area Repair and Recover Salvage.

  • Deploy Area Repair repairs all vehicles in the Recycler's vicinity over a period of time.
  • Recover Salvage, however, may make the Recycler one of the most valuable units in one's arsenal by collecting salvage crates from destroyed Tier 1 and Tier 2 vehicles to unlock new technologies for the GLA.

But, despite the immense theoretical power of the Recycler, it cannot win wars on its own. Its paper thin armor, which cannot be augmented by any means, extremely one-sided weaponry and a complete lack of an anti-air armament means that helicopters and aircraft are its total ruin, so one must make sure to support it with regular units, especially anti-air. What's more, the Recycler itself is quite expensive – $1400 per unit – which means that one have to be in a financially fortuitous position in order to field a large number of them. Furthermore, the enemy will know one's attempts to gain an advantage from their salvage, and may fight tooth and nail to deny it. Considering that salvage lasts for only 60 seconds, there is only a very limited window of opportunity to salvage enemies' technology. But once it is done, the Recycler and their upgrades may open many new strategies to be utilized, be it a Wotan spam or a fully-salvaged Marauder force, which was made possibly by dump truck Recyclers. And in the end, if the enemy field such a large force of these, there is no-one to blame for allowing them free reign.


With a total of five factions in Rise of the Reds, there are a total of ten different unlockable Recycler variants.


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