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The Oracle Forward Reconnaissance Drone is a USA scout unit. This fast and inexpensive drone capable of clearing mines and can relay information to distant strike bombers and artillery crews.


The 'Oracle' Forward Reconnaissance Drone is a recent addition to the United States arsenal. Introduced just before the Russo-European War, the Recon Drone for short is the result of the United States Marine Corps requiring a fast, easily-deployable eye on the ground for special operations teams. Airborne drones have the disadvantage of being easy prey for anti-aircraft fire, and Recon Drones can be deployed en masse to frontlines to provide crystal-clear reconnaissance for ground teams. Furthermore, Recon Drones are equipped with a targeting laser that can relay information to distant strike bombers and artillery crews. Its sensors can also detect mines hidden in the soil, and a robotic arm can extend and disable them.


Ability Description
Clear mines icon
Clear Mines
Remove mines and small explosives in the target area.



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