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The United States' primary air superiority fighter, the Raptor is capable of powerful and precise strikes against air and ground targets. Highly suited to dogfights, Raptors can quickly establish air superiority or provide air support to take out all but the heaviest ground units.


In the 2010s, the United States Air Force made a decision to scale down troubled F-35 Lightning II project. Long marred by overflowing costs, safety issues and a number of other problems, the Lightning was found to be far from the affordable, next generation fighter that it was supposed to be.

Controversially, the USAF chose to pursue a revised version of the F-22 Raptor. Though at this time the Raptor was undoubtedly one of the most advanced fighters in the world, it was also extremely costly, making it impractically expensive to deploy in bulk.

Remarkably, a more economical variant of the Raptor, the F-22B, was introduced only a few years later, costing a fraction of the "A" variant's cost. Though with a much larger radar cross section and slightly reduced performance in some other areas, the new Raptor still retained most of its capability.

Trial by fire would come for the Air Force's new Raptors in the 2020s, when they were deployed in engagements against the forces of the Global Liberation Army, proving their effectiveness in hunting down and destroying insurgent forces with lethal precision. Even today, the Raptor remains the undisputed king of the skies, and the United States Air Force has no plans to retire it any time soon.

After the United States entered into World War III, the Raptor began going up against the Russian Federation’s airforce, mainly the Berkut. Since the European Continental Army lost nearly all of its fixed wing aircraft, the Raptor became a common sight in the European skies, and even forced the retirement of the Cold War-era Su-25 Frogfoot. Against the Berkut, the Raptor was level with the Russian fighters, but eventually proved once again that it was the dominant aircraft.

Deployments in the Middle East, Africa, and Mexico will likely see the Raptor butt heads with the GLA Interceptor. No one knows when the two will meet in the wild blue yonder, but with the latter's track record, the Raptor will likely further cement its reputation.

Unit DescriptionEdit


Coming soon...


Due to Raptors having little AOE, and missiles that are able to home in on their targets, the Raptor is more suitable for precision attacks on ground vehicles, and other flying aircraft.


Raptors are easily countered by units that uses lasers or anti-aircraft units that uses machine guns. Such units include Avengers(USA), Gattling cannons(China), Quad cannons(GLA). Or in some rare cases, a large unit of missiles(usually 4 to 6 rockets) can bring a raptor down.


  • "This is our territory!" | Raptor patrolling the skies.
  • "Let's give 'em an air show!" | Raptor arriving on the airfield.
  • "Little air show for our fans out there." | Raptor about to engage.
  • "YEE-HA!" | Raptor in a dogfight.
  • "What d'you got?" | Raptor upon being selected.
  • "Roger that, we'll take this area." | Raptor when ordered to patrol.


  • The Raptor in 1.87 has been replaced by the Widowmaker as the general-purpose USA fighter jet, however the Raptor will return as a generals exclusive in 2.0.


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