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General Orlov
MTG Orlov Pic
Rapid Deployment
Military Analysis
Full Name Yevgeny Romanovich Orlov
Allegiance Russian Federation
Branch Air-Landing Forces, 106th Guards Airborne
Tactics Airborne Mobility
National Information
Class Number F2984K-584
Stationed Tula, Russia
Rank General Armii


Born during the Soviet collapse, Orlov lived a troubled childhood in a changing country. With his parents struggling against poverty, he spent what little free time he had in patriotic youth clubs, learning to follow orders and operate rifles at a young age. This alone kept him from slipping into crime, changing his life for the better.

As a result, a military career became the most obvious choice which Orlov quickly started to pursue once he reached the right age. His vigour, determination and sense of duty opened his way into Russia's famed airborne troops and later the special forces, where he endured his trial-by-fire during the infamous attack on Moscow Domodedovo Airport by a group of radical ultranationalists in 2016: Having been deployed to the scene after airport security and FSB response forces failed to stop the terrorists, Orlov's Spetsnaz group made short work of them, dealing a fatal blow to the brief uprising of extremist forces against the Russian government at the time.

Many years later, when Russia found itself revitalised by the presidency of Nikolai Suvorov, Orlov's famed Tula Division was part of the expeditionary army sent to protect the Federation's new territories in Africa, providing security in the South Sudan / Central Africa border region. During that time, the General, long known for his occasional gripes with high command due to their lack of understanding for the real frontline situation, suffered a humiliating series of defeats at the hands of a resurgent GLA.

The Russian economy subsequently fell into a grave recession after the loss of Africa while the leadership placed the blame on the Europeans. Orlov was gravely disappointed by this turn of events, having no personal issues with the ECA. Begrudgingly, he still accepted his orders while at the same time vowing to himself that he would only support the war effort for as long as his own conscience could bear the consequences.

Known ExclusivesEdit




  • Thermobaric Bombs (Upgrades Hunchback and Helions Only)

Generals Powers

  • VDV Airborne Raid (Rank 3)
  • VDV Airborne Attack
  • VDV Airborne Assault

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