Radar outpost icon
A relatively simple structure, the Radar Outpost provides radar coverage for any Russian commanders that has it and enough power to operate it. It can also operate in two different modes.


Since the Command Bunker cannot mount any radar installation of any kind, the mission of providing radar coverage for a certain area was deferred to the Radar Tower. Filled with humming radios, reliable sensors and a lot of radar plots, this unsophisticated building is a must-have for any logical Russian commander. Now, with large parts of Russia's elaborate anti-air radar network crippled after years of extensive fighting, the Federation is now using smaller Radar Towers in order to maintain full coverage and protect its population from airborne attacks. The Radar Tower can operate in four different modes: The Active Radar mode is initiated by default and grants access to the radar map. The Passive Radar mode reduces signal emissions to a minimum which allows the Outpost to render itself untraceable while detecting hidden enemies in the vicinity. The Air Raid mode optimizes the system for aircraft tracking and allows nearby AA to defeat airborne threats more efficiently. Finally, Russian commanders with the necessary clearance to order electronic warfare operations can activate the so-called Blackout mode to scramble enemy communications and sensor readings.


Given the Radar Outpost's rather cheap cost, it is recommended to keep more than one around to prevent the radar from going offline in case one of the structures is destroyed.


The Radar Outpost may be upgraded into two other types of outposts with more specialized functions, both of which no longer provides radar coverage.


Behind the scenes

  • In 1.85 the Radar Outpost had another upgraded version; the Blackout Outpost, which works similarly to that of the Blackout Node. It was cut in 1.86 due to balance reasons.
  • Prior to 1.87 public beta version 1.5 the Radar Outpost had a larger model. It is also $200 more expensive and its upgrades only costs 50% of what it was now.