RPG Conscripts
RPG Conscript
"Heh, friends jealous of bigger gun!"





RPG-30 Rocket Launcher





Produced by

Barracks (Russia)

Hot key


RPG Conscript

- Infantry Medkits
- Advanced Infantry Munitions
- Compression Missile Engines


Camaraderie (fights harder
when a nearby comrade falls)

RPG, locked and loaded!
- freshly promoted RPG Conscript

The RPG Conscript is the Russian army's basic anti-tank infantry. Specializing in halting the armored advancements of the enemy, they make short work of any vehicles that happen to come near.


What needs exploding?
- RPG Conscript

Some conscripts enter the battlefield to never come back. Others, who survive their missions might get an RPG-30 launcher as an acknowledgement of their experiences. Being an RPG Conscript is already a honor among the regular ones, because of their better weaponry and better average treatment from the Russian generals.

Some generals even allowed SHMEL ammunition to their RPG conscripts but after an amount of major fatal accidents caused by conscripts mixing RPO rockets as RPG and burnt themselves to death by it, this treatment was soon expelled from the army.

Unit DescriptionEdit

This... not exactly career highlight...
- RPG Conscript realizing what his new job is

RPG Conscripts are generally slower than their average counterparts due to the weight of their weapon, and compared to other factions' basic anti-tank infantry, they can't aim to air targets - generals must deploy Igla Troopers for that job. On the other hand, the RPG-29 launcher is more effective than other faction's basic antitank weaponry.

The Advanced Infantry Munitions 1.85 upgrade also increases the performance of the RPG Conscript, by firing a dummy warhead before the real one, which makes the RPG Conscript a viable solution even in lategame against factions deploying countermeasures tactics.

Of course, the RPG Conscript is largely ineffective versus infantry and tanks might also just crush it instead of firing at them.

Pros and Cons Edit

Pros: Edit

  • Cheap
  • Quick to train
  • Fires distraction warhead before real one (when upgraded)
  • Can auto-heal (when upgraded)
  • Grants temporary Camaraderie fire-rate buff to allied infantry when unit dies, and receives it when allies fall

Cons: Edit

  • Cannot attack aircraft
  • Vulnerable to infantry


  • Before 1.85, the RPG Conscript used the voiceset of the Conscript from Red Alert 2, and they had the ability to fire SHMEL rockets to clear enemy garrisons - this was removed in favor of the SHMEL Trooper.

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