RPG, locked and loaded!
- RPG Conscript
Rpg conscript icon
The RPG Conscript is the Russian army's basic anti-tank infantry. Expressly anti-vehicle, his narrow focus makes him one of, if not the best T0 AT infantry units in the game.


What needs exploding?
- RPG Conscript

Some conscripts enter the battlefield to never come back. Others, who survive their missions might get an RPG-30 launcher as an acknowledgement of their experiences. Being an RPG Conscript is already a honor among the regular ones, because of their better weaponry and better average treatment from the Russian generals.

Some generals even allowed SHMEL ammunition to their RPG conscripts but after an amount of major fatal accidents caused by conscripts mixing RPO rockets as RPG and burnt themselves to death by it, this treatment was soon expelled from the army.


Ability Description
Grizon airdrop icon
Grizon Airdrop
Call in a Mi-26 Halo helicopter to airdrop a Grizon on the RPG Conscript. 90 seconds cooldown (shared across all units who can use the ability).

Requires Airborne Assault.


This... not exactly career highlight...
- RPG Conscript realizing what his new job is

RPG Conscripts, much like their rifle-wielding brethren, are a relatively straightforward unit. Their inability to target air, to which end Igla Troopers are fielded, is compensated by being in second place in terms of raw damage, benefitting from - and producing - Cameraderie, and having upgrades that help keep them relevant until the very late game: Advanced Infantry Munitions and Compression Missile Engines.

The former upgrade makes the RPG Conscript fire two warheads with each shot. The first one - a dummy/diversion warhead - preemptively triggers countermeasures to allow the actual - second - warhead to reach its target. While effective vs PDL and Arena, this upgrade has no real effect on ECM nor Chaff aside from them giving more things to scatter.

The latter upgrade notably boosts the Conscript's range to be above that of any T0 AT infantry, allowing one to use a small group to kite enemy tanks either on foot or in Mishkas.

Just like any other Russian infantry unit, they also benefit from the Infantry Medkits' negligible healing.

As for weaknesses, they are just like any other AT infantry, except that they will find no means to retaliate against enemy gunships.


Prior to 1.85 the RPG Conscript uses the Conscript's voiceset in Red Alert 2.

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Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.85 the RPG Conscript can fire Shmel rockets to clear enemy garrisons, which was removed in favor of the Shmel Trooper.

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