I'll puncture the next thing that moves.
- Quad Cannon leaving the Arms Dealer
Quad cannon icon
The Quad Cannon is the GLA's basic anti-air and anti-infantry vehicle.


Four on the floor.
- Quad Cannon

The Quad Cannon has been the GLA's light anti-air unit for over 30 years, and has well proved its effectiveness. It is capable of dealing with enemy aircraft and infantry with surprising efficiency. This halftrack is heavily armed with four 20mm autocannons, that can be upgraded to increase its damage, and, like many other GLA vehicles, can salvage parts to increase its rate of fire and damage.


Ability Description
Detonate now icon
Detonate Now!
Order this unit to immediately detonate themselves.

Requires Suicide Packs.


Add-on Description
Nuclear engine icon
Nuclear Engine
Jury rig a nuclear engine on the vehicle, increasing its speed by 40% but causes it to explode in a nuclear detonation when destroyed.

Requires salvaged Chinese Tier 2 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.

Suicide packs icon
Suicide Packs
Adds explosive packs on the vehicle, causing it to explode upon death and allows it to detonate themselves at will through the Detonate Now! ability.

Requires salvaged GLA Tier 2 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.

Canister cannon icon
Canister Cannon
Replaces the vehicle's current weapon with a canister cannon with large damage radius and is highly effective against infantry, but highly ineffective against vehicles and structures.

Requires salvaged ECA Tier 1 technology.
Only one salvaged technology add-on can be applied at a time.


Arguably the most effective tier one anti-air unit fielded by any side in the conflict, the GLA Quad Cannon can devastate enemy aircraft and infantry with its four fast firing autocannons. 

Quad Cannons are cheap and light vehicles with staggering damaging capabilities. While they can not hold on for long in a direct fight against enemy armor, they excel at eliminating enemy helicopters and can be more effective against enemy jets compared to some other vehicles of its class. 

Like all GLA vehicles, the Quad Cannon can be upgraded with salvage crates from enemy vehicles to upgrade its guns. The Armor Piercing Ammo upgrade increases its damage output by 25%. The Junk Repair upgrade enables it to repair itself.

Quads also can upgrade itself with T1 and T2 crates that's collected by Recycler.


Give me that!
- Quad grabbing a salvage crate.

The Quad Cannon is best used as an anti-personnel and anti-air vehicle. The quadruple guns can easily kill infantry and clip the wings off of airplanes. When upgraded with salvage, the rate of fire is significantly increased, making it a very deadly weapon the probably the best tier-0 anti-personnel weapon, even better than the Dragon Tank or the GLA's own Toxin Tractor.

Quads supporting armored companies gives the tanks a very good air cover, especially when in groups. Although jets may be too fast for the un-upgraded Quad, when fully salvaged and with a high veterancy, it can even bring down a Raptor. Quads target the aircraft in less than a second, and the bullets always hit 100% of the time.

Against infantry units it's a beast. Even if the enemy has got decent anti-armor units, the Quad will make short work of any Missile Defender that comes to close to it. The armor on the Quad is relatively light though, but the Junk Repair upgrade somewhat make up for it.

Quad Cannons also can upgrade itself with T1 crates collected by Recycler in order to improve themselves. Quads can be upgraded with canister rounds after ECA T1 crate is collected. This upgrade will allow quads to deal with copters and infantry more easily. It is recommended to use against USA firebases and also a group of infantry and copters. Quad cannons also can be upgraded with nuclear engine after China T2 crate is collected. This will allow quads to move faster. Finally, quads can be upgraded with suicide packs after GLA T1 crate is collected.


The Quad is not good when it comes to taking on tanks and heavier vehicles. Its light armor makes it vulnerable against tanks and can easily be destroyed. Artillery is even worse for it, considering its short range. The Quad, when not in numbers, is useless against structures and defenses with the exception of slightly damaging them.

To open up a passage for aircraft, it is advised to order your bombers to destroy Quad Cannons one-on-one, and not focus all your aircraft on only one target. With one swift strike all Quads should be eliminated and more aircraft can pass through unharmed.

When it comes to protecting infantry, putting them in a transport will protect them from the Quad, especially if they have the ability to fire out of it. Then, when all else fails, you can also of course overwhelm the Quad Cannon with helicopters or infantry.

Quad cannons upgraded with canisters can be countered with tanks since canister quad cannons are weak against tanks and buildings.


The Quad Cannon reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.


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