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Let's explore the element of fire
- Pyro leaving the Barracks
Pyro Technician
China Pyro Techician
"Playing with fire is dangerous, I should know"

People's Republic of China







Produced by

Chinese Barracks


War Factory

Hot key



Explodes upon death

Chinese Pyro Technicians are flamethrower armed infantry primarily tasked for anti-infantry and anti-garrison duty.

Pyro Technician

- Nationalism
- Black Napalm


- Fire Wall (Pyro)
- Clear Garrison
- Horde Bonus


Always stand behind the man with the flamethrower but never close to him.
- PLA Infantry Primer

If you were born tall and assigned to the Chengdu region, chances are you would be picked to attend pyrotechnics specialization and carry one of these flamethrowers into combat. They are capable of spewing liquid flames that can light enemy soldiers and structures ablaze with a special napalm fuel mix courtesy of General Mau. They are however quite unstable and do not react very well to enemy fire. Seasoned Pyro Technicians are prone to develop mental disturbances and normally consult psychiatrist treatment at some point.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Melt them down!
- Pyro attacking

Pyros are China's anti-garrison infantry. Their flamethrower is very effective against enemy infantry and somewhat effective against light vehicles. Their Fire Wall ability allows them to rapidly fire over a short area for a short time. This ability can be devastating against enemy structures, given they can get close enough. It should be noted the Pyro's Fire Wall is weaker than that of the Dragon Tank's.

Pyros explode violently upon death making it very dangerous to have them out in the open near massed troops. Thus they are utilized to their full potential when garrisoned in structures or vehicles with fireports such as an Overlord upgraded with the Bunker add-on.

Despite their volatile characteristics, like all Chinese infantry the Pyros also receive the Horde bonus when in a group of five or more Chinese infantry, increasing their fire rate by 25%. This rate can be increased by a further 25% with the Nationalism upgrade. The Black Napalm upgrade increases the Pyro's damage output by 25%.



  • The Pyro Technician used some of the quotes of the Tank Buster from Red Alert 3.
  • Since version 1.85 Pyro uses it's own voice set.

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