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The Protector Missile System is the USA's basic anti-surface and anti-air defensive structure.


The Protector is the United States’ twenty-first century approach to defensive warfare. Originally a naval missile platform meant to combat aircraft and ships, this AEGIS variant can be constructed in virtually any terrain. The Protector is substantially different to the old Patriot primarily thanks to the vertical launch system, which brings two key improvements. Firstly, the faster tracking and launch allows it to shoot down aircraft and missiles with greater ease; and secondly, it’s now able to fire from behind obstacles such as structures and terrain. This allows the Protector to defend an area without actually exposing itself to enemy fire. It isn't known at this time how the reloading and supplying of the Protector happens as it's been confirmed that the station is completely unmanned, though some military experts claim the Protector has a doubly redundant self-feeding mechanism contained entirely underground and fed from complicated magazine networks. It is capable of storing enough ammunition that during extended testing the paint was reportedly stripped from the outer casing by the constant blast of the missile exhausts. Protectors retain their predecessor's ability to relay targets between stations, allowing batteries to fire from outside their normal acquisition range.


Ability Description
Show weapon relay range icon
Show Weapon Relay Range
Show the distance at which the Protector can relay targeting data to other Protectors for 3 seconds.


A base defense consisting of four vertically-launched missiles, which can fire over obstacles and effectively combat vehicles, aircraft and potentially larger missiles such as the Tomahawk. In a holdout from the old Patriot missile system it replaces, the Protector is also capable of relaying targets to nearby systems. This allows them to target enemies that might usually be out of their range.

While sturdy and fairly economical, the Protector is lacking in its ability to track and hit smaller targets such as infantry, leaving it vulnerable to the likes of Terrorists or Angry Mobs. Like many other base defenses, it is also vulnerable to attacks from artillery units.


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