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Do you need some moral support?
- -Propaganda Airship

The Propaganda Airship is a Chinese armored airship tasked to broadcast propaganda over a wide area while also providing light fire support for advancing forces.

Propaganda Airship
China PropAirship
The Behemoth of the Skies

People's Republic of China


Propaganda Airship
Fire Support Airship


2x Gatling Guns


Very Heavy





Produced by

Airfield (China)


Breeder Reactor

Hot key


Propaganda Airship

- Aircraft Armor
- Subliminal Messaging
- Chain Guns


- Propaganda Battlecry


Concerns over civil unrest in urban areas and sensitivity over international outrage caused by their previous handling of such troubles led the Chinese Ministry of Information to examine less controversial methods for quelling restless populace.

General Jin, of the PLA Secret Police force, noted the possible use of the airship as a means of urban pacification through propaganda, and soon afterward a small fleet of specially equipped airships would hover over troubled cities filling the sky with their overwhelming size and patriotic propaganda broadcasts. Some were inspired by the sight, many were terrified, most desisted whatever civil disobedience they were involved in.

When war came again General Jin did not forget his airships. He ordered several of them to be modified to his specifications and then sent to his headquarters. Many in the PLA hierarchy secretly questioned the validity of this plan, but to publicly question the leader of the Secret Police force was not a wise choice.

Now these are the ultimate option for a Chinese commander's propaganda needs. Resembling leviathans of ancient legend, they keep friendly troops motivated to heal themselves and gives great bonuses to their combat effectiveness. They are also armed with two chainguns, one on top of the Airship for anti-aircraft use, and one under the cockpit for use against lightly armored ground targets - in fact, against expectations, they have been found a good way of providing fire support for Chinese units with these weapons. While a design of redundant lift cells that has benefited from recent advances in fabric composition and lightweight composite plates has made them of nigh unbelievably sturdy construction, if their armor is penetrated, they also die in a blaze of glory. Literally.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Coming Soon...


  • Occasionally, one airship will be built that serves as an easter egg: the images on the screen are meme-based with some funny messages. When selecting the Propaganda Battlecry ability plays clips from the "Trololo" song. Also, if attempting to do a group select (select one airship and pressing the E key) excludes that particular one.

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