The Plague Duster is a light toxin sprayer helicopter utilized by the GLA, and is one of the two only helicopters available to them.

Plague Duster
GLA Plague Duster

Global Liberation Army


- Toxin spraying aircraft
- Scout


- Unguided Missiles
- Toxin Sprinkler



Build time


Produced by



Aerial Assets

Plague Duster Upgrades
Duster Upgrades

- Junk Repair
- AP Rockets
- Anthrax Beta


An archaic Bell 47 helicopter converted into a light gunship and chemical weapons dispersal platform. Despite the age of the airframes, these choppers prove to be effective in harsh environments due to their mechanical simplicity and ease of maintenance. Known as the infamous Plague Dusters, the GLA has outfitted their helicopters with anti-armor rockets, Stinger missiles as well as sprayer nozzles taken from crop duster aircraft. The sprayer nozzles are capable of dispersing weaponized Anthrax spores or other biological or chemical weaponry. As a result, the Plague Duster has become feared throughout Africa as a terror weapon designed to massacre entire populaces opposed to the GLA. Due to the helicopters' non-existent armor, the pilots are known to chew khat in order increase their reflexes and banish fear before going on missions.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Plague Duster is basically a flying Toxin Tractor which can spray anti infantry toxin for a few seconds, they can move while they spray so thanks to their speed they can cover large areas in one spray. but their spray ability needs to cooldown after use, so commanders may think to use their missiles, but the missiles are pretty much useless because of their low damage and high chance to miss the target so to use them wisely, mainly use their toxin sprinklers on large masses of infantry.

Counters Edit

Due to its light armor, little firepower is needed to take it down. Anti-aircraft vehicles are ideal, as infantry would be vulnerable to their toxin sprinklers.

See alsoEdit

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