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Minelayer Variant

European Continental Alliance


Support Helicopter
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Mine dispenser
(Minelayer Variant)

Variants of the Pegasus are fielded by the European Continental Alliance to deploy minefields and evacuate incapacitated personnel a medic reaches. This helicopter cannot be directed by a commander beyond selecting a target area to mine, which requires the appropriate General's Promotion to be unlocked.


The NH40 Pegasus utility helicopter is the flying workhorse of the European Continental Army, as well as many of its member nation's armed forces. It is reliable, all-weather capable and can be used in a variety of roles. Some NH40 are outfitted with external munitions dispersal pods in order to create minefields by simply flying over an area while others have been designated as medical search and rescue helicopters that are called upon by combat physicians to extract incapacitated comrades from the field of battle on short notice.[1]


  • The Pegasus Mine variant replaces the previous Vulcan bomber for the Minefield General Power, while the Medivac variant visualizes the "Evacuate Wounded" ability of the ECA Medic.


Faction ArsenalEdit

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