I see everything.
- Pathfinder
Pathfinder icon
American Pathfinders are snipers that can engage infantry from long range, with maximum accuracy and killing power. Pathfinders kill most infantry with a single shot and also function as effective reconnaissance units.


The Pathfinders are among the most elite snipers in the world. They can lie in wait for several days without moving and with little supplies waiting for the perfect moment to shoot or to observe the enemy. These men are famous for laying waste to dozens of enemy infantry much longer before those under fire can even respond.

Before and during the infamous Operation Zero Hour, these men were issued with semi-automatic rifles modified with thermal scope and flash suppressing muzzles, allowing them to lay down a consistent rate of fire against enemy infantry without revealing themselves and detect incoming stealthed hostiles. Due to the weight of the rifle, they were only issued with light ghillie suits and camouflaged-patterned uniforms, which made them easy targets while moving. Upon doctrine changes and budget cuts, they are now issued bolt-action rifles (newer SRS with detachable silencer) for anti-personnel operation, binoculars for scouting (range finding when deployed by pairs) and improved (but heavier) ghillie suit and digital camouflaged uniforms, allowing them to slowly creep to a firing position undetected. These covert operators relies on old but tested tactics, while still keeping the grand motto of all sharpshooters, "One shot, One kill".


Ability Description
Observation binoculars icon
Observation Binoculars
The Pathfinder uses his binoculars to observe the target location, revealing a radius of 600. Lasts until the Pathfinder is given a new order.
Attach silencer icon
Attach Silencer
Attach a silencer on the Pathfinder's sniper rifle. With the silencer attached the Pathfinder won't reveal himself while attacking and he fires 75% faster, but his shots deal 85% less damage.
Detach silencer
Detach Silencer
Detach the silencer from the Pathfinder's sniper rifle.
Call drone airlifter icon
Call in a Drone Airlifter
Call in a Drone Airlifter on the Pathfinder.
Requires Supply Center and Air Mobility.


Equipped with a bolt action sniper and a good aim, these men take out high priority targets. With the "one shot, one kill" motto raised in flying colors, there is no basic infantry that is safe from the scope of a born reaper.


Pathfinders are a premier anti-infantry defense, working especially well when garrisoned in Fire Bases and/or civilian structures. With their capability to camouflage, this unit also serves as effective recon when its "Binoculars" ability is utilized, allowing Pathfinders view to expand over a wide area around him. While his offensive capabilities limited only to infantry, their efficiency in handling such threats is more than enough. While weapon teams needs multiple shoots to be eliminated it should be breeze if they paired up or in groups of 3-4. Attaching silencers will decrease their damage output but in turn they can keep your pathfinders safe and not be detected upon firing. Choosing the Bombardment strategy does not increase Pathfinder efficacy since they will eliminate any non-team/weapon crew infantry with one shot (except Shock Troopers).


Pathfinders are strictly anti-infantry, a commander facing them can avoid direct damage they might deal by fielding vehicles, as well as large concentrations of infantry. Detectors can reveal them if in proximity, which makes for an easy elimination with the proper units. They also reveal themselves when firing (if the silencer is unattached) and when attaching and removing their silencer. As with all infantry units, exposure to flame, radiation, and toxin will lead to certain death. Issuing Chemical Suits allows them to survive the harsh conditions given by toxin pools and/or radiation.


  • Permanent stealth
  • Long range
  • Eliminates most infantry in one hit
  • Excellent scouting capability

  • Can only attack infantry targets
  • Stealth is broken when firing without a Silencer; equipping a Silencer reduces damage
  • Cannot eliminate Shock Troopers in one hit
  • Weapon Teams requires more shots to be eliminated (even more if silencer is attached)


The Pathfinder reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.



  • Pathfinders are currently the only infantry in-game with snow/winter variant.
  • Unlike their Zero Hour counterparts, Pathfinders no longer detect stealth.

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