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Group of partisans waiting for orders.

I fight for my people!
- Partisan

Partisans are veteran GLA insurgents who fought countless battles in the harsh deserts and acquired great skill with their weapons.

Partisan Overview
GLA Partisan

Global Liberation Army


- Anti Infantry


Bolt-Action Rifles





Produced by



Chemical Lab

Hot key


Partisan upgrades

- AP Bullets


- Deploy radio reciever


Whether they lived in the deserts of North Africa, the war-torn cities of the Middle East or the mountains of Afghanistan - These veteran insurgents have fought against the global superpowers and their allies in the defense of their ancestral homelands for decades even prior to the appearance of the GLA in 2019. Throughout the entire war and its aftermath, the Global Liberation Army consisted of a solid nucleus of highly organized cells that shifted their operations around the world, supported by an innumerable mass of local volunteers, tribal groups and strongman militia that rotated in and out of the GLA's ranks as required.

Partisans are indomitable fighters who are familiar with the terrain and thus capable to move swiftly and covertly. Their weaponry usually consists of obsolete bolt-action rifles that have been passed down their families for generations, including the venerable British Lee-Enfield, the Russian Mosin-Nagant or the German-made Karabiner 98k. Having honed their marksmanship from the first day they could hold a firearm, the Partisans can still score impressive long-range shots with these dated weapons despite their lack of modern optics. Their sole piece of halfway modern technology is a modified military-grade radio receiver which, upon deployment, allows the Partisans to tap into hostile communications to detect enemies at long range.

Unit Description Edit

Armed with bolt-action rifles, Partisans would dominate other shorter-ranged infantry with ease. Their stealth capabilities allow a shrewd GLA warlord to snoop around their enemies' bases and exploit potential vantage points for decisive strikes against them or to monitor the perimeter around his own of incoming hostile forces.

They can also deploy their radio transmitters to detect nearby stealthed units which is handy against rogue GLA factions, where stealthy Ural Trucks and hidden Mobile Command Truck would be tricky during the closing stages of a battle.

They can also ride Combat Cycles for faster transit to their observation posts as well as stealthy infiltration.

Strategies Edit

Ideal for scouting, GLA factions could put down any non-sniper infantryman relatively quickly while giving that vital recon intel for their warlord to use in both defensive and offensive tactics.

Since their only defense is their stealth capability, once discovered by enemy stealth-detection units, they won't survive much against even the most basic anti-infantry unit. Vehicles would also prove to be very difficult for a Partisan to handle. So the ideal tactic is to pull away exposed Partisans before the enemy sends in units to take them down.

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