I break tanks for a living.
- Panzerfaust Soldier
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The Panzerfaust Soldier is the ECA's primary anti-tank infantry.


Ever since the Second World War, tank crews have learned to cringe with fear upon hearing the German word 'Panzerfaust' (literally 'tank fist'). The latest model of this time-tested weapon design went into full mass-production and is currently being issued to the many brave volunteers that want to make a difference. Thanks to the Panzerfaust's amateur-friendly configuration and its powerful shaped charge anti-tank projectiles, chances are indeed high that a large difference will be made against the relentless onslaught of Russian tanks.

The low production cost and simplicity of the weapon do come at a price, though: Unlike many other modern anti-tank launchers, the Panzerfaust's projectile is entirely unguided, as it is indeed little more than a rocket propelled grenade. As such, it is not able to home in on a tank and is entirely worthless against airborne threats. However, the lack of guidance systems does allow for a much bigger explosive charge and in addition to that, the weapon is also compatible with a new type of anti-bunker vacuum warhead, capable of crushing and suffocating enemy infantry in cramped garrisons.


Ability Description
Panzerfaust soldier anti tank warheads icon
Anti-Tank Warheads
Use the anti-tank warheads effective against vehicles.
Panzerfaust soldier vacuum warheads icon
Vacuum Warheads
Use the vacuum warheads effective against infantry and can clear garrisoned structures.

Requires Armory Expansion.


The ECA's answer to enemy armor battalions, including Russia's infamous armor barricades. Panzerfaust soldiers are armed with powerful recoilless RPG which deals more punch of damage than other its parent. Like the RPG Conscript, however, unable to attack aircraft.

Unlike other anti-tank infantries, it can be upgraded with vacuum warheads and available at the Barracks. It can clear out garrisoned buildings as infantries can be suffocated inside the structures, also can be used against infantry alike.

With its weapon, it is unaffected to missile countermeasures such as ECM which can pass through flawlessly. The anti-missile lasers or Arena systems, however, the missiles can be intercepted.

Like all other ECA infantry, combat capabilities can be improve when they enter a structures such as Fortification or civilian buildings.

When the Venom Protocol is deployed, the Panzerfaust Soldiers are able to fire its rockets at a faster rate of fire and move much faster than usual as they have exo-skeleton applied on.


Panzefaust soldiers are very good at dealing damage against tanks and structures because of its weapon. If they are amassed, they can take down tanks or armored vehicles in a short time.

Panzerfaust soldiers are also armed with vacuum warheads and are available via upgrade at the Barracks. It is capable of clearing out occupied structures and eliminating clustered group of infantries.

Additionally, their rockets are unafffected against flares, unlike other anti-tank infantry. It can no longer worry about it and freely use for the advantage.

Like all other ECA infantry, the rate of fire and range can be increased when they are garrisoned to structures, thus making them better for cover and defense strategy.


Aircrafts are its counters, since Panzerfaust soldiers don't have anti-air weapons, therefore they are easily be massacred by attack helicopters or bombers unless accompanied with friendly anti-air units.

Even with the vacuum rockets, it doesn't fare well against infantries still due to its delay before firing, therefore they are easily be killed.

Anti-personnel weapons can kill them easily, since Panzerfaust soldiers deal minimal damage against them, making them easy work for Toxin Tractors or Shmel Troopers.

Even with its rockets, it can be intercepted by point-defense laser such as Avengers or Paladin Tanks. Also, it cannot be guided on fast-moving vehicles unlike other anti-tank infantries.


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