Pandora protocol icon
As one of the three ECA Battlefield Prototypes research protocols and the most stringent of all protocols, the Pandora Protocol is enacted when the ECA was on the brink of defeat in southern France. Seeing such measures as the only means of preventing utter annihilation, ECA high command unleashed their most destructive, but highly controversial, weapons in their possession, which marks a crucial point in the military chain of escalation.

Commanders who gained access to the Pandora Protocol can deploy the ECA's most fearsome artillery weapon, the Pandora, and Fenris Cryo-Tanks that can freeze infantry to their deaths and locks vehicles in place. In addition, the Pandora Protocol also replaces the Smart Bomb with the gruesomely lethal Neutron Bomb, turns Tear Gas Strike into Nerve Gas Strike that kills infantry instead, no matter whether they are inside buildings or vehicles, and the Solar Burst becomes Solar Apocalypse which scorches a larger area in all-consuming sunlight for extended durations.

At present, the global political community is still heavily torn over the appropriateness of these extreme methods. For all intents and purposes, the Pandora Protocol constitutes a gross violation of international law and the Russian UN delegation has openly refered to it as a war crime of the highest order mere hours after its first implementation.

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