The Global War on Terror, otherwise known as the War of Liberation and World War III by some individuals, was a semi-global conflict of the 21st century. The war began when a man known as Deathstrike created the Global Liberation Army and invaded the country of Aldastan, a union between Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan against heavy opposition from the population. The war spread throughout Asia, Africa, Europe and even North America, until it culimated with the European Insurrection of 2028. The war was the most destructive conflict of the 21st century, and among the 10 most deadliest wars of history.

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- 2019-2028
- Fighting since 2017


- China
- Asia
- Middle East
- North Africa
- Europe
- North America (briefly)


- Chinese victory
- End of GLA War of Liberation
- Dissolution of the EU
- USA enters isolation
- Establishment of the Eurasian Unity League

Major battles

- Battle of Beijing
- Battle of Hong Kong
- Battle for Three Gorges Dam
- Battle of Balykchy
- Battle of Bishkek
- Battles of Baikonur
- Battle of Baghdad
- Battle of Al Hanad
- Battle of Agadir
- Ismail Khan Crisis
- Battle of Akmola
- Battle of Mogadishu Docks
- Battle of Amisbad Oil Fields
- Battle of Cairo
- Crete Insurrecton
- Battle of Stuttgart
- Battle of Yuncheng Nuclear Power Plant
- Liberation of Coburg
- 'The Autobahn War'
- Destruction of Hamburg


- China
- United States (2025-2027)
- Several European and Middle Eastern countries

- Global Liberation Army
- Brotherhood of the White Falcon
- Uyghur under Ismail Khan


- Leiong Leang
- Shin Fai
- Ta Hun Kwai
- Tsing Shi-Tao
- President Paulson
- Malcolm Granger
- Jeremiah Bradley
- Gregory Townes
- Alexis Alexander
- Burton
- Blue Eagle

- Mohmar
- Dr. Thrax
- Abdul bin Yusuuf
- Prince Kassad
- Rodall Juhziz
- Anwar Sulaymaan
- Ismail Khan
- Jarmen Kell


- 6,000,000 manpower
- 5,000,000 Red Guard auxiliary units
- 20,000 tanks
- 1,500 ships
- 5 aircraft carriers
- Unknown amount of aircraft

- Unknown


- 1,040,000 K.I.A.
- 2,800,000 W.I.A.
- 1,700 M.I.A.
- 10,000,000 civilian deaths

- Unknown
- 120,000 P.O.W.
- 4,000,000 civilian deaths


The fighters of the Global Liberation Army called the war the War of Liberation, due to their belief the war would culminate with their rule of most of Eurasia and the establishment of a new empire free from corruption and imperialism. Mohmar was a smart man and knew this was not possible, and simply wanted to end China's exploitation of his ancestral homeland. The West called the war the Global War on Terror, a continutation of the War on Terror from the early 21st century. The leaders of the countries of the West never expected a fundementalist organization to be able to put up such a fight, and didn't want to give them the honor and a call the war World War III. Thus, they settled on expanded the War on Terror to a global war. Many people still refer it as World War III, and the actual World War III as World War IV, contradicting Einstein's belief that WWIV would be fought with sticks and stones.


Mohmar 'Deathstrike' as he was known had been part of a militant group in the country of Kazakhstan for several years. He rose through the ranks of the group and eventually found himself at the top. He had a vision: To end the world of capitalism and establish a new empire under his rule, where the world would find peace. He needed a good trigger event to show off his army's might, and when the two countries of Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan united to form Aldastan under heavy opposition in 2017, he created the Global Liberation Army. Originally a loose amalgamation of fundementalists, rebels and tribesmen who picked up arms for Mohmar's cause, it expanded and included extreme organizations such as the fanatical Brotherhood of the White Falcon under Abdul bin Yusuuf, and was supplied arms by visious dealers Dr. Thrax and Andar Sulaymaan. The GLA invaded the Central Asian republics and even China, with the help of rougue PLA brigadier general Ismail Khan. They got their hands on a smuggled nuclear weapon, and detonated it on the 70th Anneversary of the People's Republic, triggering the war.

Course of the WarEdit

The war lasted for 9 years, from 2019-2028. The war had actually been fought since 2017, since Mohmar and his army invaded Aldastan, but is most widely regarded to have begun when the 5-kiloton nuclear warhead was detonated in Beijin in 2019. The GLA had smuggled weapons, munition and manpower into the troubled regions of China years before, and when Mohmar raised the call they all took up arms and began fighting all throughout Asia, in order to take the Chinese by surprise. The GLA were so successful, they even managed to capture the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Center in the middle of the city, and destroy the Tsing Ma Landmark Bridge in the process. The PLA soon rallied their forces though, and launched an offensive all over China orchestrated by 'The Tigress' General Leiong Leang. The PLA had their most experienced commanders at the front, including Ta Hun Kwai, Shin Fai and Tsing Shi-Tao. The first battle of the war was the Battle of Beijing, where the future general Xing Chen rose from the rubble of the Forbidden City and held the red flag, which spawned the Red Guard auxiliary division. The parade army loaded their guns and swept the GLA way from Beijing, destroying their nuclear bunker they had captured just outside the city. Beijing was subsequently fortified and barricaded from other attacks.

Over the next few years, many more battles raged in China. The Battle of Hong Kong saw the GLA destroyed in Hong Kong, but destroyed the Convention Center they had captured and the Tsing Ma Bridge. The GLA weren't the ones who did damage though, the PLA themselves laid waste to the countryside in order to subjugate their enemies. Utilizing the shorched earth tactic, Chinese forces burned farmland through massive use of incendiary and nuclear weapons, which had been authorized after their 'first strike' policy. A Black Lotus agent even issued the controversial order to destroy the Three Gorges Dam, flooding the GLA and the local village. The initial fighting was fierce and deadly, causing huge losses to both the PLA and GLA.

In the UN, the Security Council had ordered the United States military to intervene, but they didn't launch their first attack until the fighting in China had largely calmed down. When the GLA were rid from China, Operation 'Red Arrow' was launched by General Leang, sending nearly two million soldiers into Central Asia. Aldastan felt the full force of the invasion, and thousands of civilians died, maybe even more by PLA soldiers than the GLA. The Aldastani government was toppled by GLA activists before they were able to call the PLA attack off, and as such many cities were bombed to ruins. The United States Air Force was mosty responsible for the destruction of Balykchy, but Chinese propaganda and falsified media put the blame on the GLA that had booby trapped the entire town with I.E.D.s and infamous 'demo traps'. Fighting spilled into the Middle East, and when Iraq fell to the GLA, the US was convinced. Operation 'Final Justice', the third invasion of Iraq, was launched from the Persian Gulf and US-allied Saudi Arabia. The operation was seen as controversial back home, since the Obama administration had ordered all U.S. military precense from Iraq removed. The Battle of Baghdad of 2025 saw the true face of the war, when a civilian filmed nine chemical missiles raining down on civilians in the market square. The YouTube-video gained thousands of view in its first day, until it was taken down by the NSA.

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