The Pacific Peace Alliance was a brief alliance between the United States of America and the People's Republic of China, created as a response to the Sudanese Missile Crisis. The alliance's goal was to subvert the Russian Federation's growing power in the East African region during the African Resource Rush, but was seen as a failure after a disastrous attack on a Russian military installation.


During the African Resource Rush, the Russian Federation had made landfall in the East African Confederation and moved northward into South Sudan. There, with the ever-present threat of the Global Liberation Army and growing tensions with the Chinese PLA military protectorate in Somalia, a major forward operations base was established by orders of President Nikolai Suvorov, commanded by General Nikita Aleksandr of the Russian Shock Divisions. The base was branded as a research installation, but other factions thought otherwise.

In the summer of 2040, a reconnaissance detachment of the North Sudanese Army spotted the base near the disputed border. Immediately, the People's Liberation Army sent a spy plane to recon the area for more information. Indeed, high-quality photos of the base were captured and revealed what appeared to be nuclear missile silos in the base. The Chinese chairman called for an emergency meeting with the President of the United States, and it concluded with the creation of the Pacific Peace Alliance, PPA. They decided Russia had had enough time to rise to power and sought to eliminate their superpower status.

The alliance's first and last military action was to launch Operation Double Tap, which ended in disaster as the silo in question did not house nuclear warheads but instead a gigantic four-barreled artillery cannon that reduced the two sides' military forces to dust. After the attack, President Suvorov was kind not to declare war against the two countries because he knew it would end very bad for all sides, but both Beijing and Washington agreed that the entire escapade had been a bad idea from the start, resulting in the alliance's death mere months after it was conceived.

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