Are you ready?
- Overlord emerging from the War Factory

The ZTZ200 Overlord Tank is a T2 twin-barreled super-heavy tank employed by General Chen that can be upgraded to fill a myriad of different roles.


I am big.
- Overlord reporting

When the first Overlord rolled onto the battlefield in the last war, tank commanders around the world didn't know what to make of it. Now, after years of experience, they know very well what they face, but this fact has only made the Overlord more terrifying. A gigantic battle tank large enough to simply crush lesser opponents beneath its treads, the Overlord is armed with two 140mm guns and a turret large enough to fit a small building on top.

Overlords have not changed significantly in their years of service, though some external changes have resulted in their deployment in a slightly different manner to previously. In particular, the re-equipping of Tank Hunters with their new flak cannons and deployment of Pyro Technicians have made bunkers a far more popular choice than before among commanders, the combination delivering highly efficient anti-aircraft support. The currently mothballed ZTZ200G Emperor Overlord's advanced sub-systems were implemented into the entire Overlord fleet after the Global War on Terror.

Overlords bore the brunt of Chinese armored casualties in the last war, with foes concentrating on the mammoth vehicles to the exclusion of all else, and so China has decided to exercise tighter control over its remaining stocks; only decorated PLA generals like General Chen of the Red Army have direct authorization to deploy them.

Official designation of Overlord after Nuclear Tanks upgrade is ZTZ-200H.


Ability Description
Propaganda spotlight icon
Propaganda Spotlight
Highlights the vehicle to inspire others, causing it to generate Horde Bonus at all times for 30 seconds (45 seconds with Nationalism). The vehicle also automatically repairs itself at a rate of 24 hit points per second while Propaganda Spotlight is active. 60 seconds cooldown.
With Nationalism the vehicle will also be completely repaired upon Propaganda Spotlight's activation.

Requires War Propaganda.


The Overlord can only accept one defense add-on at a time.

Add-on Description
Overlord bunker addon icon
Build a Bunker on the Overlord. Can be garrisoned by up to 5 infantry, who can fire from within.
Costs $500 and takes 10 seconds to complete.
Overlord gattling cannon addon icon
Gattling Cannon
Build a Gattling Cannon on the Overlord. Can attack ground and air targets, and fires faster over time. Effective against infantry and aircraft.
Costs $900 and takes 20 seconds to complete.
Overlord speaker tower addon icon
Speaker Tower
Build a Speaker Tower on the Overlord. Broadcasts propaganda to heal nearby friendlies and increase their firing speed.
Costs $500 and takes 10 seconds to complete.


They will beg for mercy.
- Overlord attacking

The Overlord is a highly versatile tank capable of fulfilling various roles on the battlefield, depending on the three mutually exclusive add-ons every Overlord can be individually upgraded with.

Initially it is China's final answer to enemy armor. The two large bore cannons can devastate enemy vehicles and structures, and the Overlord also has the option of crushing lesser vehicles under its massive bulk. It is not affected by the Horde bonus, but nevertheless counts as one of the 5 or more vehicles required to trigger it.

The Battle Bunker add-on adds a bunker to the Overlord's turret and gives weapon bonuses to infantry inside. The Bunker can be garrisoned by up to five infantry. Garrisoning different infantry depending on the situation can give the Overlord an edge in the battlefield. Pyro Technicians give the Overlord anti-infantry and anti-garrison capabilities while Tank Hunters gives it AA capabilities and even more firepower against enemy armor. This add-on augments the Overlord's frontal assault capability.

The Gattling Cannon add-on allows the Overlord to attack aerial targets and is particularly effective against enemy helicopters and can even target projectiles like Tomahawk missiles (which gives it an advantage over Gattling Tanks and Twin Fangs, which can't target them). It can also be effectively used to deal with enemy infantry, effectively turning the Overlord into a jack-of-all-trades vehicle able to deal with many threats. The Chain Guns upgrade increases the damage of the Gattling Cannon by 25%.

The Speaker Tower add-on enables the Overlord to broadcast propaganda, healing infantry and repairing vehicles around it, including itself, as well as boosting the rate of fire of friendly units by 25%. This turns the Overlord in to an effective support unit and increases its survivability. The Subliminal Messaging upgrade increases the effectiveness of the propaganda by a full 100%.

The Overlord also benefits from several other upgrades. The Depleted Uranium Shells upgrade increases the damage of its guns, boosting the Overlord's already impressive firepower. Additionally, the Nuclear Tanks upgrade increases its speed, making it surprisingly fast for a tank its size and making it easier to crush enemy infantry and vehicles, though this has the downside of making it explode violently upon destruction unless the Isotope Stability upgrade is also purchased. Also, despite not being shown on the cameo, the Overlord benefits from the Nationalism upgrade just like the rest of the Chinese tanks.


The Overlord is excellent at destroying light vehicles, while also being capable of dealing with tanks and buildings very well. The Bunker and Gattling Cannon upgrades provide additional versatility and potential effectiveness against different units, while the Speaker Tower upgrade grants the Overlord the ability to support nearby units.


The Overlord lacks anti-air defense by default, making it vulnerable against aircraft unless upgraded with a Gattling Cannon, a Battle Bunker carrying Tank Hunters, or escorted by AA units. It is also vulnerable to Hijackers and other anti-vehicle infantry.


The Overlord reuses their original voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.



  • At 2019, a variant of the Overlord Tank, the ZTZ200G Emperor Tank entered service in parts of the Chinese PLA under the supervision of Ta Hun Kwai. Its advanced sub-systems were implemented into the entire Overlord fleet after the Global War on Terror whilst the actual Emperors were mothballed.

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