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The Osprey is the main VTOL aircraft used by the United States of America, employed both as a resource gatherer and as a transport.


The United States Airforce had long been looking for a replacement for the aged but functional Chinook Helicopters. It's long service record indicates how difficult it had been to find the right helicopter to replace the ninety year old workhorse of the Airforce.

The Osprey program had been running for a considerable time now and the fruits it yielded were ready to be harvested. With mobility growing increasingly important in warfare against distanced foes across the globe, the CH-47's limits were becoming apparent.

As a hybrid plane, combining the virtues of both the C-130 transport aircraft and VTOL heavy lift helicopters, the V-22 Osprey finally met its true potential and was found ready for widespread active service; it will be largely replacing the honored Chinook helicopters in troop transport duties, and work alongside it in supply collection.


Ability Description
Osprey combat drop icon
Combat Drop
Order all Rangers inside the Osprey to rappel down onto the target. Can be used on garrisoned structures to clear it.
Dismiss icon
Dismiss the Osprey and refunds 25% of its cost.
Can only be used when the Osprey is not transporting infantry.


This twin rotor helicopter puts the balance between a supply collector and a tough, but unarmed, troop transport. Unlike its armed transport helicopter, the Blackhawk, it is much faster and can carry vehicles to the LZ, meaning they can swoop in, drop their passengers off, and then fly off back to base, in a short space of time.

Additionally, Ospreys can combat-drop Rangers over enemy garrisons, flushing them out, and taking the building for themselves; A much more efficient option than using anti-garrison weaponry.

While not serving as a swift troop transport, Ospreys can be ordered to pick up supplies for Supply Centers.


Ospreys are a cheaper, and faster option, than the Blackhawk. Reach those neutral structures faster, and hot drop garrisons, early with them. When your main supply routes are finished, you can still add to your attacks by sending Ospreys to drop reinforcements and extract vulnerable units, such as Pilots, from hot spots.

While well armored, Ospreys are vulnerable since they lack any form of weapons of their own. Protect them with good anti-air coverage so they don't get caught out mid-drop.


The Osprey, along with the Chinook, reuses the latter's voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.


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