The Odin is a scrapped unit for the European Continental Alliance.


The Odin was to be the fourth ECA prototype alongside the Manticore, Pandora and the Venom. It was to be a powerful airship resembling the Airlifter that used energy beams based off the Solaris technology used by the Solar Reactor to project intense heat on enemy ground units.

It was scrapped due to it being fairly redundant next to the other three prototypes, and also because its armament was considered too "predictable".


  • According to Mars this protocol allowed the construction of a militarized version of the CL250 Airlifter equipped with Solar Colectors on top with a projector that shot the sunlight out as a sweeping long range beam, similar to the fire sequence of the Japanese Giga Fortress from Red Alert 3: Uprising, in addition, it allowed the construction of an defensive turret similar to the Prism Tower from Red Alert 2 that draw beams directly from the Solar Reactor, but the Odin Protocol was completely scrapped because it was too redundant next to the Manticore, Pandora and the Venom & also it was considered ridiculous design wise.
  • The only aspect that remains of the Odin Protocol is the unused placeholder button in the CommandSet.ini file.

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