Lurking eyes at your disposal.
- Observation Van
Observation van icon
The Observation Van is GLA's basic scout unit. Its detection capabilities can be further upgraded with to provide stealth detection.


Purchased from an Arms Dealer, the Radar Van provided a mobile source of radar for any GLA commander back in the Global War on Terrorism. The Radar Van could have been upgraded with the Radar Scan technology, which allowed it to periodically reveal areas of the battlefield otherwise not visible, and also reveal enemy stealth units.

The introduction of the Mobile Command Truck left the GLA with a surplus of obsolete Radar Vans. However, Warlord General Sulaymaan, ever resourceful, repurposed the old vans as scout units.


Ability Description
Observation van disguise as vehicle icon
Disguise as Vehicle
Disguises the Observation Van as the target vehicle. The disguise will be lost if the Observation Van is seen by an enemy detector.


Better reception there?
- Observation Van moving

The basic Observation Van is the primary scout unit for the GLA. Built at the Hideout, Observation Van can detect stealthed units and can also disguise themselves as any vehicle whether it be from the same army, enemy, or even civilian; the Bomb Truck and Battle Bus also share this ability.

Whilst this unit was not a combat unit, it could be used in base patrols, with for example Quad Cannon's which could detect, and quickly deal with enemy covert agents. This mobile scout solution also meant that any GLA Commander would have a cheap scout detection unit.


The Observation Van reuses the Radar Van's voiceset in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.


Behind the scenes

  • The Observation Van previously as the Radar Scan ability, which has since been moved to the Mobile Command Truck.
  • The Observation Van previously had a GPS Scrambler add-on alongside the Radar Scan one, but this has since been relocated to the new Scrambler Track.


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