Nukeneer, ready to deliver!
- Nukeneer arriving on the field
Nukeneer icon
Trained by General Mau, the Nukeneer can use their bulky mortar to lob low-yield tactical nuclear warheads over significant distances.


Hopefully we don't create any super mutants from all this.
- Nukeneer

In 2014, a seemingly innocuous train crashed a few kilometers outside Mudanjiang in the North-East of China. Moments later, the residents of the city outskirts were shaken awake by a bright flash and the sound of a massive explosion. The military was quickly dispatched to lock down the surrounding area and recover the wreckage whilst official Chinese news agencies merely reported of a conventional gas explosion.

However, leaked internal reports later revealed the disturbing truth to the world: The train was actually carrying an entire arsenal of experimental sub-kiloton nuclear shells, designed for short-range tactical delivery by means of a heavy infantry mortar. Shockingly, the weapons were only equipped with the most basic safety mechanisms, one of which had now failed catastrophically. Colonel Tsing Shi Tao, the lead designer of the new weapon, quickly realised that this disaster could cost him his entire career. In a surprising move, the man who would later become a hotly debated figure for his liberal use of atomic bombs against GLA holdouts in Central Asia donned a protective suit and organised the entire recovery of the remaining shells himself from within the blast zone, averting what could have easily become one of the most devastating nuclear disasters in history. The development of the new warhead was put on halt, as it was deemed too unsafe even by its creator.

Several years later, the young General Hu Tan Mau gave the project another chance and has recently adopted a revised version with improved safety features for use by his mortar operators, who jokingly refer to themselves as "The Nukeneers" for their drastic approach to practical problems on the battlefield.


Ability Description
Nukeneer ground attack icon
Ground Attack
Order the unit to continuously attack the target area.


They will bury your remains in a lunchbox!
- Nukeneer attacking

The Nukeneer serves as a footmobile artillery unit, capable of devastating units and structures from afar with its weapon. The nukes it fires are effective against all kinds of ground targets, particularly infantry and structures. However, despite its formidable firepower, the Nukeneer also suffers from a number of disadvantages.

After Black Lotus and the Volunteer Squad, the Nukeneer is the most costly Chinese infantry unit, and is vulnerable at short range to its large dead zone. Additionally, the Nukeneer's weapon takes some time to set up before it can be fired.

It should be noted that Nukeneers can be transported by vehicles for greater mobility, though they are unable to garrison structures or enter vehicles with fireports.


  • Powerful mortar infantry
  • Long range
  • Leaves residual radiation briefly upon impact
  • Like all Chinese units, can gain Horde
  • Resistant to radiation and toxins

  • Weak armor
  • Slow
  • Chance to explode when killed
  • Needs to be deployed before firing
  • Not resistant to Neutron radiation


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  • The Nukeneer's weapon was based on the M65 Nuclear Rifle dubbed the "Davy Crockett" gun.

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