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The Munitions Track is a variant of the Supply Track used by the European Continental Alliance which had their supply gathering capability removed in favor of carrying a big reserve of ammo that boosts nearby vehicles' firepower and chaff grenades.


Throughout the European War, ECA commanders found that ammo shortage could become a serious concern if vehicle convoys were ambushed by Russian tanks. As a result, some commanders began refitting some of their Supply Tracks into ammunition-carrying support vehicles, dubbed Munitions Tracks. These proved useful in supplying nearby tanks with ammunition reserves as well as a much needed boost in firepower. To further increase their usefulness Munitions Tracks were also fitted with Chaff grenades to deflect incoming missiles. However, as a side effect the vehicle's volatile cargo does not react well to being fired upon, resulting in a dangerous explosion upon its destruction.


Ability Description
Munitions track disperse chaff countermeasures icon
Disperse Chaff Countermeasures
Launches 4 chaff countermeasure grenades to a radius of 125 that breaks enemy missiles' locks, causing them to miss their targets. 10 seconds cooldown.


This unit is one of the ECA's supportive vehicle that needed for units to be boosted to the battlefield.

The Munitions Track equipped with big reserve of ammunitions, capable of boosting damage bonus for nearby friendly units. Not only for units, but also on base defenses, thus improving its firepower.

For its protection, it has also given the use of chaff countermeasures, which can deflect any incoming missiles within its radius. It can be also protect other nearby vehicles when using it. It also improve its armor when upgrade of Armor Skirts is deployed.

However, this vehicle remains fragile not only its poor armor, but it explodes violently upon destroyed. If that happens, may result in damage to friendly units nearby, so it must be escorted with protection at all costs.


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