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Mule drone icon
The Mule Drone is a large support drone used by the United States of America.


"Now, here's an interesting factoid for you: In statistical terms, the US military has expended 250.000 bullets on every insurgent killed during our campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq back in the day. When the War on Terror went Global, that number got even worse and we faced about ten times as many bad guys at a time. If you're up against an enemy as blood-crazed and fanatical as the GLA, the last thing you'll want is to run dry in the middle of a firefight. Our ammunition makers could barely keep up with this extreme demand and even if you've got enough bullets to keep the dakka going, you still need the logistics to distribute them among your troops.

This, my friends, is what the Mule Drone is all about. What you're looking at right here is a new, state-of-the-art unmanned ground vehicle. The Mule is rugged, reliable and armed to the teeth: You can load anything from magazines and ammo boxes to missiles and shells onto this thing and grab whatever you need in the heat of battle. That way, our grunts can be extra generous and put out an overwhelming volume of fire. This also brings us to the Mule's own armament which consists of an M134 minigun and an array of flare launchers that can be used to draw enemy anti-aircraft fire away from our planes. It is this excellent combination of mobility, utility and lethality which earned the Mule a spot in the armoury of America's most elite special forces."


Ability Description
Fire flares icon
Fire Flares
Launch several flares straight ahead of the Mule drone that distracts enemy anti-air weapons for 10 seconds. 20 seconds cooldown.
Free fire mode icon
Free Fire Mode
The unit will automatically attack enemies within range.
Hold fire mode icon
Hold Fire Mode
The unit will not automatically attack enemies within range, but will still retaliate when attacked by enemies.