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Mortar Track
EU MortarTrack

- Fire Support Gen.


Mobile Artillery




120mm Automated Mortar Cannon





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Can use Battle Network
to highlight targets
to other Mortar Tracks

Mortar Track

- Cluster Munitions
- Battle Network

Mortar Track good to go.
- Mortar Track

The Mortar Track is an Tier 1 artillery vehicle fielded by General Charles of the ECA.


Vaguely reminiscent of the M7 Priest artillery of World War II fame, these medium-weight, open-topped vehicles entered service with the British Army as part of the MoD's re-armament plan which was put into action after the new government of the populist 'Hope and Glory' party had announced the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the increasingly assertive European Union in the mid-2020s. Picking up on the traditions of the past in an effort to secure a safe, self-determined future, the country proceeded to engage in an increased exchange with its old Commonwealth allies, particularly Australia, India and Canada, whose economies remained relatively stable throughout the Global War on Terror, which put the UK in an advantageous position by the time stability returned to the continent several years later.

Meanwhile, many 'lean and fast' units of the Army had been turned back into heavy, hard-hitting territorial defense forces and the Royal Armoured Corps was no exception. Operating alongside a new model of Britain's time-tested Challenger tank, the Mortar Track provides mobile artillery support on the go. Its powerful 120mm mortar cannon can lay down a rapid, unceasing barrage of shells thanks to its automatic loading system and the latest software upgrade for the targeting computer, which is yet to be applied to all available vehicles, allows Mortar Tracks to relay targets between each other.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Superficially, the Mortar Track may seem little more than a Msta-S that needs to deploy before it can fire its mortar shells. Generals will however be quick to learn and appreciate the advantages the Mortar Track has over most other artillery units. The main advantage is the fact that once it has deployed and it has begun firing, the Mortar Track will progressively gain an attack speed boost, and will significantly fire faster after each shell is fired, until it reaches a very fast attack ratio that almost reaches that of the barrage mode of the BM-21 Grad, but without the need of reloading. Even small groups of Mortar Tracks firing at the maximum speed will almost certainly destroy any building, even as it is being repaired. This destruction capability is further improved by the Cluster ammunition upgrade, which makes its shells break up into smaller shells upon impact, dealing even more damage.

As the Mortar Track needs to rebuild its momentum every time it stops firing and has to deploy to reach a further away target, an effective way to circumvent this is by using the Battle Network upgrade, which allows a lone Mortar Track to pinpoint the location of a target to nearby Mortar Tracks that would otherwise be not close enough to fire at it, and this allows them to reach targets at even greater distances.

Unfortunately, while artillery units such as Tomahawks may attempt to make a run for it when the enemy tries to destroy them, the Mortar Track needs to undeploy in order to move again, meaning it is extremely hard for it to be able to escape enemy counterattacks. Its poor armor and slow movement means it is easy prey for Humvees and even Gazelles unless it is protected by powerful units such as Wotan Arrays or Jagdmammuts. Additionally, although they can reach absurdly high attack speeds, their initial slow attack speed means they are largely ineffective against vehicle columns, as they will often reach their destination before the Mortar Track is even able to reach the maximum attack speed.


When created Edit

  • Mortar track good to go.

When selected Edit

  • What do you need?
  • Mortar ready.
  • Ready to blow shit up.
  • Ready, yeah?
  • Fully loaded.
  • More bang for your buck.
  • Ready to boom, baby.
  • Yes sir.
  • My fingers itchy and you know what that means.

When moving Edit

  • Right.
  • He said go, we're going.
  • You're not moving fast enough!
  • Faster.
  • Moving there now.
  • We'll make it quick.
  • As fast as we can.
  • You got it, boss.
  • We're on our way.
  • We're rollin'.
  • Right away.
  • Get this bucket of bolts movin'.
  • Step on it.
  • Conversion net position
  • Advancing.
  • Acknowledged.
  • Move faster, you rabble!

When attacking Edit

  • I don't see you sweatin'.
  • I wanna leave a last of impression.
  • Hey, you. Catch this.
  • I got a present for ya.
  • Fire!
  • Keep firing.
  • Keep rollin' the dice.
  • Hehehe, a pleasure.
  • Oh, you gonna love this...
  • Incoming.
  • Fire for effect

When Battlefield Network upgrade is complete Edit

  • Network is online, general.
  • Ehh, what are all these green dots?
  • Battlefield network is online, sir.



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