Mole Minelayer

Setting up a minefield on the French border.

Mole Minelayer
RotR Mole render
Mine dispenser systems ready.

European Continental Alliance


Area Denial


Mine Dispensers and Mole Mine Burrower







Produced by

Field Command


Solar Reactor

Hot key



- Can move through minefields unharmed.

Mole Minelayer

- Clear Mine Field
- Deploy Mole Mine
- Deploy Mine Field

GPR Systems ready!
- Mole Minelayer

The Mole Minelayer serves the ECA as a minelayer and anti-structure unit, capable of attacking structures from long range with its mole bombs or creating lethal minefields in seconds.


With the ever shrinking influence of the United Nation in a world dominated by global superpowers and influential trade blocs, warfare in the mid-21st century became increasingly vicious as many countries no longer felt obligated to respect various treaties such as the ban on clusterbombs and anti-personnel mines. Most controversially, the European Continental Army made no secret of its newfound interest in these weapons, arguing that the use of 'terror weapons' must always be an optional deterrent against the most ruthless, uncompromising enemies and that modern 'intelligent munitions systems' would allow for an easy and safe removal of unexploded ordnance in the aftermath of a conflict.

As such, the Spanish Mole Minelayer became a mainstay support vehicle for the task force and one of the few weapons that strike legitimate horror into the hearts of even the most fanatical GLA fighters. In combat, the vehicle is capable of dispensing large quantities of mines with its multi-directional launchers, creating entire fields littered with explosives within seconds. Beyond that, it is armed with the infamous 'Maulwurfsbombe' (literally 'Mole Bomb'), the militarised version of an Austrian-made, fully autonomous drilling machine that is used to cut tunnels and shafts through the Alps. The bomb can be burrowed as a stationary explosive mine or traverse a considerable distance underground to demolish enemy structures.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Coming Soon...

Trivia Edit

  • The Mole Minelayer's "Mole Bomb" is a direct tribute to the Mole Bomb from WarGames, an older RTS game. The creators of Rise of the Reds also made a WarGames mod for Zero Hour, which includes the mole bomb unit.
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