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- Mole Minelayer
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The Mole Minelayer serves the ECA as a minelayer and anti-structure unit, capable of attacking structures from long range with its mole bombs or creating lethal minefields in seconds.


With the ever shrinking influence of the United Nation in a world dominated by global superpowers and influential trade blocs, warfare in the mid-21st century became increasingly vicious as many countries no longer felt obligated to respect various treaties such as the ban on clusterbombs and anti-personnel mines. Most controversially, the European Continental Army made no secret of its newfound interest in these weapons, arguing that the use of 'terror weapons' must always be an optional deterrent against the most ruthless, uncompromising enemies and that modern 'intelligent munitions systems' would allow for an easy and safe removal of unexploded ordnance in the aftermath of a conflict.

As such, the Spanish Mole Minelayer became a mainstay support vehicle for the task force and one of the few weapons that strike legitimate horror into the hearts of even the most fanatical GLA fighters. In combat, the vehicle is capable of dispensing large quantities of mines with its multi-directional launchers, creating entire fields littered with explosives within seconds. Beyond that, it is armed with the infamous 'Maulwurfsbombe' (literally 'Mole Bomb'), the militarised version of an Austrian-made, fully autonomous drilling machine that is used to cut tunnels and shafts through the Alps. The bomb can be burrowed as a stationary explosive mine or traverse a considerable distance underground to demolish enemy structures.


Ability Description
Mole minelayer activate mine dispensers icon
Activate Mine Dispensers
Disperse a minefield on the Mole Minelayer's current location. The mines detonate when an enemy moves in a radius of 5 around it, causing 50 to 60 LAND_MINE damage over a radius of 10 to 40. 16 seconds cooldown.
Mole minelayer deploy mole mine icon
Deploy Mole Mine
Deploy a Mole Bomb as a mine which homes into an enemy in a radius of 5 and are able to damage units that are immune to mines. Shares cooldown with the Mole Bomb attack.
Clear mines icon
Clear Mines
Remove mines and small explosives in the target area.


Add-on Description
Hydrogen fuel cells icon
Hydrogen Fuel Cells
Installs hydrogen fuel cells on the vehicle that increases its speed by 33%.

Requires Manticore Protocol.

Nano shock absorbers icon
Nano Shock Absorbers
Equip the vehicle with nano shock absorbers that increases its armor by 25%.

Requires Manticore Protocol.


The Mole Minelayer is a type of area-denial support vehicle and a type of siege vehicle available only at the Field Command, and requires Solar Reactor in order to be available to build.

It is equipped with Mine Dispensers which can scatter landmines around the Mole Minelayer, creating an area-of-denial.

It is armed with Mole Mines, which can able to attack any enemy structures, burrowing the Mole Mine and going towards against the targeted structure then it explodes. The Mole Mine is also cannot be intercepted by any means. Not only using for attacking, it can be used for area-of-denial, by placing Mole Mine on its current position.

This vehicle can be used for cleaning up the enemy landmines, capable of plowing mines either manually or automatically, neglecting the use of Excavator for clearing landmines.


The Mole Minelayer is effective against attacking structures which deals high damage for it, albeit with low damage radius. It can be best use for clearing enemy base defenses, along with Mortar Tracks.

This vehicle must escort with protection since this vehicle is vulnerable and has less armor, especially to aircrafts or helicopters. The usage of Gepard or Wotan is a best option for countering aircrafts, and guarding with other useful ground forces are also the viable option.

It can be used for creating area-of-denial purposes, by placing landmines on where enemy forces usually pass, rendering an annoying blockade for enemy forces. It can also used for protecting your structures from capturing or sabotaging.

If you have trouble with enemy landmines, use the Mole Minelayer for your advantage.


The Mole Minelayer, along with most of vehicles, does not have anti-air weapons, thus making itself more than nuisance to aircrafts. If you're using air units, be weary of anti-air vehicles or infantries.

Due to this vehicle cannot attack anything other than structures, if this vehicle doesn't have protection with ground units, then it's best to finish it off quickly using tanks or artillery.

If you encounter landmines with your ground forces, then use some vehicles that are capable of clearing or detecting landmines. If not available, then order your units to attack on open ground where mines are placed.


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  • The Mole Minelayer's Mole Bombs is a direct tribute to the Mole Bomb in the WarGames RTS.
    • In fact, SWR Productions also made a WarGames mod for Zero Hour, which includes the Mole Bomb unit.
  • There is also a cut Allied vehicle in Red Alert 2 known as the M22 Molemine deployer, whose attack is functionally similar to the Mole Minelayer.