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The Mobile Sensor Array is the ECA's primary stealth detection unit.


When President Suvorov stepped in front of the public to announce his decision to declare war on the Europeans in the summer of 2045, the Russian fleets in the Northern, Baltic and Black Sea were already underway. In an extremely literal example of 'gunboat diplomacy', an armada of over a dozen vessels led by the aircraft carrier 'Potemkin' passed through the Bosporus unopposed by Turkey. After the collapse of NATO, the country had virtually nothing more to do with the Europeans and turned its attention to stabilizing the war-torn Middle East as a regional peacekeeping power instead. Upon entering the Aegean Sea, the fleet was picked up by the Greeks. Shunned and ignored by the new European community and isolated between Russia's Balkan allies, the leadership in Athens coldly decided to let the Russians move on without warning their former allies. As a result, the European governments only noticed the Russian incursion into the Mediterranean Sea through news reports rather than diplomatic channels. Soon after, a mobile long-range radar unit in Calabria detected the fleet just a few kilometers off the coast of Italy. The government reacted immediately: All air, land and naval forces were mobilized, the Alpine redoubts in the far north of the country were prepared to shelter thousands of civilians and even the Pope was hastily evacuated to Ireland mere hours before hundreds of cruise missiles rained down onto Rome, destroying many historical landmarks of the 'eternal city' in what could only be described as an indiscriminate terror attack; an unsanctioned but common occurrence during the early days of the war when the Russian military was still hungering for revenge after the alleged attack on Kaliningrad. It was only thanks to these sophisticated radar systems that an even higher magnitude of destruction could be avoided. As such, the Mobile Sensor Array remained a valuable tool for the ECA, providing the troops with reliable long-range reconnaissance and detection.

Unit DescriptionEdit

Mobile Sensor Array

Armor Skirts

The Mobile Sensor Array is ECA's number one stealth detection vehicle. Able to detect hidden units within a large radius around itself, it is very useful when protecting your base from enemy hero units. The MSA needs to be deployed before it can detect any stealthed units. As an added bonus, it can reveal the detection range around itself, so you can decide which location is the best to deploy.

It can also be upgraded with Armor Skirts for better protection.


  • The ECA Mobile Sensor Array was inspired by the GDI unit of the same name from Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun. It too deployed a long vertical sensor boom.
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