We must keep our lands pure.
- Command Truck
Command truck icon
The Command Truck serves as a mobile Command Center for all GLA operations on the battlefield. As the name suggests, it is mobile when undeployed but needs to deploy in a suitable location to function as a command center. It also provides radar coverage of the battlefield once it is deployed.


When the GLA became more mobile, they realized they needed a better Command Center, capable of providing radar and necessary equipment to call-in support strikes. The solution was to refit old and nearly unused prison vans to mobile command posts. This later evolved into the Command Truck, where the GLA commander sits firmly and instructs his armies. The truck also came with a built-in radar dish, effectively rendering the Radar Van obsolete.


Ability Description
Command truck radar scan icon
Radar Scan
Reveals a radius of 200 within the target area for 20 seconds. 25 seconds cooldown.

Requires Observation Scanners.


I cannot guarantee their safety.
- The Command Truck on Rebels.

The Command Truck is basically a Command Center on wheels, which provides the GLA with radar and controls General Powers once deployed. It also can house two GLA Workers for transport. The Command Truck is unarmed, and should be kept away from the fight. Also, the Command Truck counts as a structure once deployed, so the enemy has to destroy it if they want to achieve victory.

Also to note is that the Command Truck becomes stealthed and can use Radar Scan once the Observation Scanners upgrade has been researched.


The Command Truck reuses the cut GLA POW Truck's voiceset in the vanilla Generals.


Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.86 the Command Truck have the Escalation upgrade which allows access to Tier 2 GLA technologies and makes itself stealthed when deployed.

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