Available for unlock by ECA 3-star generals, Minefield Deployment allows the general to deploy minefields anywhere on the battlefield. The mines were taken to their target by a Pegasus Minelayer helicopter and dispensed over a wide area.

Mines were invisible to most enemy units, and could stop an attack in its tracks; they were used heavily at key chokepoint areas where enemy forces would be funnelled through a relatively narrow area.

Level Description
Minefield deployment icon
Level 1
(Minefield Deployment)
Anti-personnel mines (causes 20 LAND_MINE + 60 SURRENDER damage over a radius of 40)
Minefield scatter icon
Level 2
(Minefield Scatter)
Anti-tank mines (causes 50 to 30 LAND_MINE damage over a radius of 10 to 40)
Minefield carpet icon
Level 3
(Minefield Carpet)
Multi-purpose mines (causes 100 to 60 LAND_MINE damage over a radius of 10 to 40, can hit air targets to cause 70 GATTLING damage over a radius of 40)

Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.85 the Minefield Deployment was delivered by the Vulcan Bomber.

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