Microwave tank
Microwave Tank
American Microwave
Microwave Tank

United States of America
- Tank Command


Vehicle/Building Disabler


Microwave Emitter Array





Armor type

1455 mm DU forced-steel funded





Build time


Produced by

War Factory


Detention Camp

Hot key


Ground attack

15 (only infantry that come close) 0 to vehicles and buildings (this disables only)



Elite upgrade

Repair itself

Microwave Tank Upgrades

Targeteer Drone
Battle Drone


Advanced Training
Composite Armor

Microwave weapons cleared for battle.
- Microwave Tank leaving the War Factory

The Microwave Tank is the American advanced anti-infantry/anti-garrison vehicle. It emits a strong AoE attack that is lethal to any enemy infantry near it and is capable of neutralizing mines. It can also concentrate its microwave beam on a structure or vehicle to disable it or to clear garrisons.


Broadcasting energy field!
- Microwave Tank attacking

The Microwave Tank was one of the great American successes in the last war. As Tomahawk missiles and Nighthawks could be shot down by enemy base defenses, Microwave Tanks are designed to help shutting down base defenses and structures from a safe distance. They also excel at keeping American armored columns safe against rampaging Angry Mobs and clearing garrisoned buildings. With the passage of time, it has only improved. New signal processors and advances in on-board power sources have allowed the Microwave Tank to direct its attacks toward enemy vehicles as well. This will deactivate their engines and power systems, leaving them open for the kill by other forces. The new equipment has resulted in a slight price increase, but almost everyone agrees it's well worth it.

Unit DescriptionEdit

The Microwave tank is a medium armoured tank which is equipped with a microwave emmiter array which can be used as an anti-infantry vehicle since it is able to burn any exposed infantry into a crisp if exposed to the microwaves to an extended period. Furthermore it can also be used an anti-garrision vehicle as it is able to burn out all infantry from any civilian building garrisioned by enemy troops. On top of that, the microwave tank can be used to deactivate enemy defences and buildings, allowing other friendly units to destroy them with no damage being dealt to friendly forces.

Tactics Edit

Cook 'em!
- Microwave Tank attacking an enemy garrison

The Microwave tank can clear garrisoned structures  from a distance using its microwave emitters, which can prove useful against Fortifications and Bunkers.

Additionally, the Mircrowave tank emits a microwave field around itself, capable of burning surrounding enemy infantry to death, which is useful to prevent Terrorists and Hijackers.

In RotR, it has gained the ability to disable enemy vehicles in addition to structures. It can also be used for disabling superweapons and defenses, allowing other units to destroy them.

Like most other USA vehicles, it can be upgraded with drones and Composite Armor to improve its survivability.

Counters Edit

A Microwave Tank can only disable a single structure or vehicle at a time, therefore, they can be overwhelmed by multiple vehicles. They are also completely defenseless against aircraft, making them easy prey for helicopters.


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