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The J-7HS MiG Bomber is China's bomber jet capable of triggering devastating firestorms in enough numbers.


The J-7HS was developed as a rapid frontline response aircraft that is easy to maintain and repair. At first, the plan is to refit the iconic J-19 fighter /bomber into a less costly GLA-hunter, but the removal of its fire control system stalled the progress as engineers and test pilots regarded it as a waste of the fighter’s aerodynamic design. The PLAAF and Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group began a process of rediscovering older aircraft designs, finally settling for the J-7, a branch of MiG-21 with over 1000 units produced between 1966 and 2008, which had proved worthy by serving in extreme environments from the deserts of Pakistan to the sub-zero northeastern border. These J-7s were mostly mothballed after the 2010s and kept in underground facilities or cave hangars, awaiting reactivation in last-ditch situations such as an American invasion.

Most of the preserved airframes had their wings taken off to reduce physical strain, so Chengdu Aircraft Industry Group gave them a delta wing design more similar to the original MiG-21’s for higher linear speed. Furthermore, the air intake is modified to have a larger nacelle and the engine is replaced with a single WS-15 engine, same as the J-19’s. It has become China’s first choice of a quick-strike bomber, while maintaining the original fighter’s speed and maneuverability.

The armaments of a J-7HS are two unguided bombs, each packing more napalm than two GLA-War period dual purpose incendiary missiles combined. Although these aircrafts’ air to air capability is reduced to zero because the original J-7’s fixed gun pods and radar are removed during storage, they are mostly deployed when the J-19s already secured air superiority for them. When facing ground resistance, the pilots’ usual attitude is to take it in the face with their improved armor, and deliver the bombs as soon as possible.


Ability Description
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Bombard Area
Order the unit to attack the target area.


The MiG Bomber is the ground-attack aircraft of China. Each MiG is armed with two napalm bombs which can create deadly firestorms in large groups when upgraded with Volatile Incendiaries. These firestorms can destroy large amounts of enemy ground units in no time.

However, like most other Chinese weapons, the MiG Bomber is quite fragile until commander purchase the Aircraft Armor upgrade. Just like other dedicated ground-attack aircraft, this one has no anti-air abilities and is thus at the mercy of enemy interceptors.


The MiG Bomber uses a voiceset with the same quotes as the MiG Fighter, but with a different tone, which is actually a cut, alternate version of the MiG in the vanilla Generals and Zero Hour.


Behind the scenes

  • Prior to 1.87 the MiG Bomber is named Hellfire MiG.


  • Despite being supersonic in real-life, the in-game MiG Bomber moves around the same speed as the Nighthawk.

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