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Airstrike confirmed!

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MiG Bomber

The MiG Bomber is a support bomber used by the Russian Federation.


When Boris calls in a air strike using his laser designator, these Russian MiGs are called in for the job. They cruise at fast speeds in search of Boris' laser and hurl thermobaric bombs at their target, devastating the stability of the structure and leaving it in flames. Albeit old, the Federation is pleased with the performance of the MiG bomber and some of them even operate off captured civilian airstrips. In order to reserve the thermobaric equipment for the most important targets however, MiG Bombers operating off such airstrips carry conventional bombs that are effective against both vehicles and structures.


  • The MiG Bomber is loosely based off the MiG  from Red Alert 2:Yuri's Revenge, as in both games it is called in by Boris to bombard ground structures.
  • Official designation to this aircraft according to earlier story from one update is MiG-45.
  • As of 1.8.0 the MiG Bomber may no longer be targeted by enemy anti-air.

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