Mercenaries guarding a GLA outpost.

As long as the pay is good.
- Mercenary
GLA Mercenary

Global Liberation Army




Machete (Runner)
Pump-Action Shotgun (Runner)
SS-77 General Purpose Machine Gun (Gunner)
Milkor M32 Multiple Grenade Launcher (Grenadier)




200 (Runner)
400 (Gunner)
600 (Grenadier)

Mercenaries are elite soldiers employed by Sulaymaan and among the most efficient GLA infantry units.


Honed by a lifetime full of war and bloodshed, these Mercenaries form the elite cadre of Sulaymaan's army. Due to their fierce reputation, they tend to enjoy an air of awe and privilege among the GLA, as they are only ones who can ask their leaders for noticeably higher rewards and walk away with their heads still on their shoulders. Unlike the common rabble, Mercenaries have exclusive access to the GLA's special arsenal of looted local weapons from South Africa, including the Vektor R4 assault rifle, the SS-77 machine gun and the Milkor 40mm grenade launcher. In addition, every Mercenary is armed with the single most common weapon on the African continent: A lethal machete that can kill a person with only a single, well executed swipe.

In combat, the Mercenaries are not only feared for their superior weapons and raw brutality, but also for their resilience and fearlessness: It has been reported that these men fire themselves up macabre ceremonies before the battle, putting them in a permanent state of blood-crazed frenzy in which their perception of pain - and morality - is numbed.

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